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Monday, May 02, 2016

An Update.

My post on the Sydney trip is currently pending. I will definitely get back to that sooner. Now, I am currently in the state of life where I just have to go with what is planned out in front of me. I graduated officially last January. Had been unemployed and stayed at home until early April. I figured after the Sydney trip, it would be a boost on thinking about the serious aspects of life, after months of menganggur-ing. I was even mistaken for being a school/spm leaver when I met my mom's friends. I think that is huge compliment for me haha. Until my mom made me realized that I've been at home for too long, people are starting to think that I had just finished SPM lol. Then to a big realization, I had to be in serious mode. I enjoyed staying at home very much. I see it as a way for me to do all the things that I can do, while being in this age, and not committed to other serious aspects of life. For all I know, I need to start working soon. I sent resumes to 3-4 companies, 3 of which are related to what I've studying for the past 3 and a half years, and another one was an international school. And guess who replied back?

The international school. Talk about plot twist.

 Initially I planned on pursuing a master's degree right after I graduated, but I had no savings for that. I researched for scholarships and other sorts of financial support. Most of scholarships require you to be financially stable. One was a working experience for 2 years. Uhm hello, working experience what? I did part time years ago and was really busy studying so working experience column on my resume was not really convincing. Such a bummer. And then the government ones. At first I heard there was no allocation anymore or the requirements had been strict, so the quotas must have been decreased. Whatever it is, you need to be financially stable even if you think you will have high chance in getting that loan/scholarships. Even JPA and MARA revamped their policies a lot, starting this year. So not many will get the chance as others in the previous years. Unless of course, your previous uni offered to do masters as well as being a GRA, then that can make life easier. At least, you're still allowed to earn something while doing your masters.So for now, pursuing masters is currently KIV. Whatever happens, being specialized at a certain field will always be my permanent target.

To be in this industry, I think experience is essential, as well as having a higher level of education. Both of which I'm lacking. To be good or an expert of something, biodiversity conservation for instance, I need to have a deeper knowledge on that, both theory and practical. Also, I tried research based companies, all were not convinced with what I have atm. So I faced rejections several times, thinking that I was not good enough for the industry. So I decided to opt for something else. Hence, emailing the school for any vacancies T_T

Now, the plot twist. The school replied back. And in no time, I am already 2 weeks at that school. Time flies..it really does. Apparently I didn't get the position I desired, but I was directed to something I had experience in, which was non-academic. The interview was at 3 stages. I really wanted to fail the second stage when the interview (first stage) was really mind drilling, but then I kinda nailed it? I really don't know. That week was really intense. I was also on the biological cycle, so my moods were really raging and rebelling. I was ridiculously overthinking, constantly letting those moods take over me. I knew making a stupid and irrational decision would make regret for the rest of my life. But you know what, in the end I paid no attention to those negative thoughts. I realized that I was in the comfort zone for too long, I was scared of changes. That is my biggest fear, CHANGES. Making a transition to something more beneficial is really hard. But at the end of the day, you will very thankful to Allah for placing you in that position. And now that I am already two weeks, couldn't be more grateful. I finally know what kind of situation or occurrences that I will be expecting, and what work will revolve around with. One thing for sure, I can't thank Allah enough for always making it easy for me to improve myself. Seriously, this school is a different environment. At times,  it can be good, can be bad. But we all know its not for a naught. At least, I will benefit from something. I realized that Allah has always providing me channels and mediums to improve myself. Be it in any form. Time, money, and now, I am currently earning a living in a pathway that will not only be useful in the future, but also for Akhirah. InshaAllah.

Busy days coming ahead, and May is fully booked guys. MashaAllah. I just got back from a 3d 2n excursion/senior bootcamp at Kenaboi Adventure Basecamp, Jelebu with the senior students. I enjoyed it so much! I did caving and water tubing for the first time! Alhamdulillah for the opportunities. Also got to know the students more and already had my 'garang' mode on. That quick right? Haha. 
Padahal dulu dapat anugerah senior paling caring dekat Seseri. PUIII @__@

Will blog more on the details of the camp later. May Allah give me time haha. For now, its cuti mode until Wednesday (the students are on their midterm break) so I'm gonna use all the time..to sleep. Ceh takdela haha.



Cherry Blossom said...

Bila masa kau dpt anugerah paling caring wehh? Hahaha

Aisyah Munirah said...

Ada la masa kita nak spm pastu juniors buat surprise party utk kita lps lights off. aku ingat lagi malam tu hahaha