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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Melaka Day Trip

The previous CNY break, everyone had their holiday planned and was out and about. As for me and family, we stayed at home the whole time. Doing those chores like I normally would on a daily basis, so its quite a boring break. Was definitely envious seeing those people on social media going on short excursion, to take some time off and taking advantage of the 4 day break.

So I decided to make an impromptu plan with Illy, playing all touristy at Malacca town. Which was approximately 2 hours away from Rawang. Its not like I havent set a foot there. I can vividly remember following my dad to his outstation and Malacca was quite the regular town he had to visit. Not sure if its for a meeting with another TNB branch there though.

Throughout the day, me and Illy managed to visit Masbro Village (denoted as Brighton Beach Malaysian version lol), Bandar Hilir that has many famous heritage sites and buildings due to its historical origins and lastly the infamous Pantai Klebang. I must say, the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was very sunny, but can't beat the typical Malaysian heat. However, sunny day means good lighting for pictures right? :-) Firstly I had to go and pick up Illy from Shah Alam, so around 9 I was there, and probably around 9:30 we headed straight to the highway. Illy wanted to go to the Masbro Village so much and when I Wazed it, thankfully the location was situated 20 mins from Malacca town. It was located just beside the main road on the right, so I had to make a sharp u-turn. Seriously you would have missed it because no landmark or signage can be seen from far. Unfortunately due to some strict reasons, you can't just barge in the area. Seems like its not open to public, unless you have made a booking. I must say the houses looked unique indeed from outside. Each were individually painted with bright colors. Could not really tell how it looked in the inside though.

I could not survive the heat without le shades. More info on this place just look up 'Masbro Village' on Facebook.

Didn't stay there for long because we could not stand with the scorching heat waves. Then to Bandar Hilir we go! After 20 mins according to Waze, we arrived at the entry point of the town. As expected, there was a slight traffic getting into the town, and I was already worried about parking. Seems like Friday is a busy day for everyone! And not to forget that it was also school holidays and post CNY break. So it was really packed with our Chinese friends. Alhamdulillah there was a parking space area beside the Malacca river, even though from far it kinda looked full. I took the chance to actually wait for about 15 mins, as suggested by the pakcik whom I suppose is the caretaker of the area. After that, alhamdulillah someone was about to leave and I was beyond psyched! Who knows how an empty parking space would make an impatient girl like me squealing with happiness haha. Allah had made it easy, and to make it even more interesting, the fee was only RM3. Cheap as heck! God bless that Pakcik :-D

Since our parking spot was right in front of Malacca River, we decided to check out the River Cruise. At first Menara Taming Sari was in our list, only to find out that it costed around RM18 per entry, so nehh maybe next time. We walked beside the river, and my oh my it sure did look like a Malaysian version of Venice. Along the passageway, we saw many little quaint shops such as bars, mini restaurants and gift shops. I think there were also small houses too. The view was really sceneric, even better when the houses and shops were the vintage types.

Illy ;)

Reached the ticketing counter and saw the price. Again, we both felt like its another pass this time and should start searching for a place to eat, like pronto! Didn't manage to grab a quick breakfast in the morning, and after hours of driving I surely do need some energy refilling lol. At first we tried our luck in finding a decent-halal restaurant or kedai mamak along Jonker Walk. But did not find it. The area was highly populated with Chinese restaurants and hawker stalls, so decided to continue walking into deeper alleys and then ended up at the river passageway again. Alhamdulillah there was a cafe named as Halia Inc, with the halal sign too. Did not hesitate even more because perut very lapar and very hot too lol.

It felt very festive here!

I had Tuna sandwich and Illy had Chicken topped with Parmesan sandwich.

The entrance from the other side.

The place is recommended! Spacious, air conditioned (just what you would need on a hot sunny day) and the food was great, albeit it was a little bit pricey. But consider that it was situated right in the middle of the town, and provided with a great of the river, it was definitely worth. Next time I should google more inshaAllah.

Next, we wanted to stroll around and continue walking around the town. Visited this road (didn't know what it was called but there were so many trishaw and horse carriages that it was not open for vehicles) and it had many historical buildings, parts of train for and oh just behind the Dataran Pahlawan Mall.

#AsalkanBukanUmno lulz


#dUCked hehe ;-P (thanks Illy!)

So thats roughly what you'd find in center area of the town. Its pretty much obvious that we couldn't get enough of the view from the river. Its like so attractive so after one round of the town, we decided to head back to the parking area by walking to the other side of the river. In between, Illy spotted a really nice colorful doodle wall, that is definitely worth a picture. Lol.

Alhamdulillah finally done. Last destination, to Pantai Klebang!

Nothing much to do here. The beach did not look very natural to me. Lol. There were many stalls beside the road that sell drinks, especially the widely known Coconut Shake. Did not find the other Klebang Original Coconut Shake though, so Illy had hers from this stall near our parking spot and I was in need of more ice cold water. Then we had our quenching thirst drinks beside the beach, enjoying the sea breeze (or was it not..).

4:30 sharp, we decided to drive back to Shah Alam. And our short excursion officially ended here. Alhamdulillah I was so grateful that Allah had made the drive smooth, with no problems at all. It was raining along the way, but Waze had lead us to Shah Alam without being stuck in traffic since it was very predictable on that day itself. I reached home safely and sound in Rawang at 8 o'clock. Was glad that Baba was not home yet haha. In total, I think we both spent around RM80, that includes lunch, petrol and toll. 

So I guess that is all. Getting really late! I shall blog some more on many more adventures to come.
InshaAllah :-)

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