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Friday, March 06, 2015

Second week;


It's the second week and I guess I'm doing quite good. Not that busy yet, except with meetings every night -_- , so far I'm liking the schedule too. I get to go back to KK8 for lunch and 3 hour break. Can get many things done in between those hours.

To kick off this new semester, Balai Islam's first program was yesterday. And of course its the usuals la for me and my team, trying hard to promote and publicize this event and making it widespread. Its even more challenging when we had to attract the not-yet Muslims in our college since their population is more than us. The topic is really-really suitable for them too.

I thought this was like the perfect title for the talk. And Brother Firdaus Wong was the perfect person to deliver it. He reverted to Islam 10 years and it seems that he knows more things than I do (being a born muslim that is) and that kinda made me feel a bit gutted/ashamed. I think it's the effort.The spiritual journey. Not all can experience it without having the will to do it right? Apart from that, during the talk he posed a lot of questions, and those were the questions that made the audience uneasy in their seats. It seemed that those questions were the ones that lead to the misconceptions in Islam. Where a lot of people out there gets misunderstood with what the mainstream media is giving out. Mostly its all negative connotations and it hurts really bad when those bad people write bad things about your religion. I would go all emotional when they start blaming Islam, saying Islam is a religion of violence, Islam oppresses women, Islam is outdated, Islam wont let you do this, do that. There's no freedom and such. And with recent events like Charlie Hebdo and ISIS (may Allah repay for what they did!), I know some are curious to know why these things are happening. Like what Brother Firdaus said, make research, don't take it easily. Jangan percaya bulat-bulat. Instead of condemning and judging which seems much easier, why dont we make effort in trying to find out WHY? :)

Let me quote from somewhere that I've read,
"Manusia akan bermusuh dengan perkara yang mereka tidak tahu"

 Fair enough. That is our role now, to spread the knowledge that we gained, be it whatever forms. I love sharing thoughts (emo ones aren't exluded kakaka), quotes or words from all the talks that I've been, and the ones that I find simple and easy for others to understand. Islam goes by the name of PEACE/SALAM and let's make it that way. Islam does not promote violence, hate, racism, or other sorts of negativity. Get educated and for once, we'll know why. We'll fall in love with Islam more and more. And that is why until today I am absolutely gratified that I found Allah swt along the way. Whatever I do, I do it for Him =)

And so the outcome?


Truly made my night. And not just that, there were a few non-Muslims who turned up for the talk. They were curious and wanted to know more. I guess this program is a new platform for them to ask, because from what I heard, they were kinda afraid to ask questions on Islam and fearing on the impacts. Maybe because the response that these people get can be quite offensive and yes I know usually it happens to those Muslims who are defensive yang tak kena tempat. Lol. All in all, may Allah bless this little union =')

After the program ended, Brother Firdaus with his wife (wearing the green shawl) and our Christian friends joined in too ^_^

Giving free Quran to them. huaaa baiknyaa. The guy in yellow there is Clement. Met him masa join SKUM to Kelantan a few weeks ago :)

Alhamdulillah, All praises due to Allah swt for making this program a success!


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