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Monday, March 09, 2015

It's time.

There comes a day in your life, when you know it's time.
Among all those wasted years and months and days, of you. Asking yourself, why? Asking God, Why? Where is the Hikmah?

And that actually lies within the self. It's just a matter of time that its needed to be discovered. Just look at yourself, dear Aisyah Munirah. Its there.

Everyday since then, I've hold onto myself,  to always be positive and think forward. To quit these overthinking habits that only ruins the entire brain system for the day. I hate to even think about it. As the days go by and you think you've finally grasp that positive attitude to just keep moving forward and not look back, then comes all the unnecessary that only paralyzes the effort. And many times I have failed to just wake up and get a grip.

But, alhamdulillah. After my endless du'a to Allah swt, I finally had the chance to understand that it's not going to happen. No matter how long the wait is, with my own acknowledgement, nope Allah wont permits is. Its okay. Eventually it reflects back to the self. Knowing that I have so much to improve in being a better person instead of waiting for one. Or its just me, full of faults and flaws. Up to no good. Who knows...these days humans are very selective. Especially on the material side of life.

So..Alhamdulillah, finally.
And now, I hope I won't have any more doubts. Doubts just kill your internal being. It makes you less contented. So I hope I am full of contentment! All by the permission of Allah, inshaAllah.

Oh man. Quit being emo and get over yourself. There's more to life than feeling all blues!

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