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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Skuad Kemanusiaan to Kuala Krai, Kelantan


Combination of one great team and its leaders + donations from various people and organizations with one mission, and destination to Kuala Krai, Kelantan. Heck yeahhh.

I've been wanting to update on this since the day I arrived home but oh well procrastination at its best. My Acer is there on the table, untouched and dead apparently haha. Its easier with my phone and ipad now. Anyway, joining SKUM was probably one of the best decision I made in between cramming my head for the exams. Because we all know how terrible the flood catastrophe was and I had friends who were badly affected by it. Some didnt make in time for the exams because the communication was cut off, their food supply was scarce, let alone the electricity. It was really a big test for the people. And I made a promise to myself that I would do something to contribute, to help. My finances may not be enough to make a big difference (hujung sem -.-) but I'm still healthy (and fat) so its about time I start doing something with this big and fat self. Hehe

SKUM is a humanitarian student body and mostly consist of MPPs and YDPs. Bigggg people in UM you know here I am a noob standing amongst them haha. It was a privilege to be working with these people and seriously I had a great time until the day after we arrived. Before departing to Kelantan on Saturday late noon, all of us were busy packing the clothes and necessary items for the families, some were testing the tents that will be used to accommodate the boys. Basically everyone was really busy. Oh did I forget to mention that it was compulsory for us to get jabs before we go? And it caused my left arm to be aching and numb for few days lol. It was free and I heard it cost around 250 per person, so thanks to UM for giving us free jabs. Post-floods are the period where viruses party really hard and look for suitable hosts, and yes it could be us. But alhamdulillah until today our team are all well and healthy.

The boys are making a long chain and passing the packages into the lorry.

School uniforms


More packing! 

And....................... let hits the road! B-)

Stop solat dekat Raub....ok random gila gambar ni ~_~

We departed from UM around 630 in the evening on Saturday, arriving at Kg.Ragu,Kuala Krai at 430 ish in the morning. I slept the entire journey and make a full use of the time by you know...because I know the moment we arrived and start doing the volunteering work, its gonna be all day until late evening. Heh

Ok dah sampai. See that house behind there? Thats where the girls are gonna sleep. But we had the clean the entire house first since it was 99% covered with mud.

Bihun cooked by Auntie Halina for breakfast. Auntie Halina is actually Akiff's mother, who is the leader in this mission. Auntie keeps us updated with the current situation of the villagers. 

Loading the stuff from lorry after breakfast,

Lets start cleaning..

Unfortunately, not many pics of us during the cleaning since everyone was totally busy. There were 3 groups assigned to each of the houses. By the second day, most of the houses were already clean. In the morning we would clean the houses and then in the afternoon, some groups would go into the village to pass the donation in hand.

So I was the one in charge of the medicines (minyak cap kapak, minyak yuyee etc), I had to go into the houses that have babies and toddlers. And four of us went into this opah's house. She served ubi kayu rebus and teh tarik. So nice of her! (And thats me eating the ubi kayu. Thanks Basyar for this shot -_-)

Kak Ha =)

Kampung Ragu is considered one the fortunate villages since most of the houses were still intact, even though water level was up to the electric poles, they were very lucky that the water current did not drag the houses away. Syukur to them. On the last day, we went to Manek Urai. The worst place to be affected by flood. The mud was all dried up and it was very dusty. I think everyone needs to go there and see for themselves. It will open your heart and make you feel more grateful, with everything really.

The last house with the team. Rumah opah ni the most intact one. Most of the villagers went to her house for shelter. It was kinda tinggi.

Opah was telling us about her children, she lives alone btw. Her daughter didn't manage to come home and help with the post flood. She's struggling herself so Opah told her to not come home. Her other children pun struggling with their finances. Sedih betul dengar :( In the end this Opah wanted us to listen. Thats what the elderly always do right. They want to be listened. Me, Arau, Nabilah and Intan (all are not fluent in Kelantanese dialect) stayed at her house for a few minutes. I could understand what she was saying but just could not vocal it out haha. So we nodded and made gestures showing that we understood her.
Take care Opah!
*Teringat Opah sendiri kat Penang. Wonder how is she doing now?

The next day, it was our turn to go to school for some volunteering work and counselling. It was also Akiff's school for a few months before he moved to SMK  Sultan Yahaya Petra 2.

In the midst of cleaning until we found out that the water supply was cut off. The whole school resumed cleaning until the water supply was available again.

And then we were paired up, I was with Wafy. We met Form 1 students and engaged in a group.
Seronok dapat sembang dengan dorang. We played games too.

When we asked about their future career, none picked Science hahaha T_T. Mostly they ambitioned for policeman, military, lawyer, lecturer. InshaAllah, if Allah wills and they worked hard for it, it will come true. I managed to advice and gave motivation to them. I told them school life is always boring and such, but dont neglect the responsibilities.

 Ceh bajet je kan akak ni, padahal kat U takdela gempak mana.........

Passing out the school stationeries

Teachers of SMK Laloh

And..we say goodbye!

Pada sebelah malam pula....

Lipat kain ramai-ramai. Kau ada? Ahaha comel je semua. After folding them neatly, we organized into family packages.

The day continues with more cleaning and passing the donations.

On our final night, the surau was completely clean. We prayed jemaah with the villagers.

And later, some campfire and barbeque! Masa ni best sebab main games. Games yang pelik-pelik sampai malas nak layan and carried on with my chicken. haha

Times flies when we're having fun. I must say, I'm glad I made decision to join this. I made new friends on the spot and until today, our group is never silent. Lol. I hope SKUM provide more channels for us to help and contribute to the society!

We went to Manek Urai before leaving Kelantan. It was really...devastating being there. Seriously.

Rumah tinggal tapak. Agak-agak brape lama la kena duduk dalam khemah tu kan?

A tree and a house full of mud.



Ya Allah keep them strong and help them...

SK Manik Urai. This was the school where people made as shelter when the water level was risen up to the third floor. They stayed at the fourth floor for many days until help came.

Habis semua :'(

Alhamdulillah. I think coming here was not for a waste. Opened our hearts to many things. To be grateful. To complain less. To reflect. When I talked to the villagers, they are so so strong that they didnt blame God or anyone. They had nothing to do but to move on. It was no use putting others for the blame. Simply its Allah SWT testing them for a bigger blessing in life. They are so humbled, kind..InshaAllah I will never stop praying for them. Post flood requires a lot of cleaning and repairing the damage that was done. I know its gonna take time..like probably months or years to recover. I know the government is doing all they can, other states are also funding for re-structuring and developing. Alhamdulillah all is good!

And this is us. Right before we leave Kg. Ragu.
Thank you to Mok Chu for letting us mandi at her place. So nice of her. When we're about to leave soon, I had a chat with her and she said 'Sunyi la nanti tempat ni'. Aww she said people only come and leave the donation at the Surau, but never came and talk to them. We came and interacted with them and it felt good ^_^

I think that is all. Ah before I forget, all the high quality pictures belong to my talented classmate, Basyar. And some were from my phone.

Finally dapat jugak update. Haha. 
Will update more on my sem break soon! =)

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