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Thursday, October 30, 2014

As hectic as it gets, life goes on.

It has been a while hasn't it? Fuh...

Phycology lab was cancelled earlier this evening. It was my group's turn to take the water samples, but the weather was not permissible and it gets rainy in the evening these days right? The mood goes on exactly the same like the weather as the day is ending soon...except that I don't realize that it might have rained a little outside when being in the lab for 2 hours. So after weeks of 8-5 everyday, only today I could have some 'me' time, just laying restlessly on the bed for hours. Haha so typical. I know its what other people are going through, not just us students. 8-5 for the sake of food on their table, survival with the recent price hikes by our government. Life is just getting rough and we're all in the same focus of gaining the strength to just survive really.

Water sampling at Rimba Ilmu, UM for algae identification.

And heres my foot. Just u know

Anyways. Just a week before our break, was ecology interaction day with the juniors. I was assigned for  activities. So that particular one week was really dreading. Even harder when geohyrdrology test was sandwiched in between. Its an elective subject I'm taking for the sake of completing the credit hours, but I think my efforts kinda matched with the exams. I stayed at Izzati's room, studied until late, waking up early in the morning with her making me a full cuppa of coffee. How nice. And going for the test at 8am in the next hour. A test early in the morning, on Monday. Monday blues it is people ~_~. So my team had a few weeks of preparation for the event. Alhamdulillah everything was smooth, according to the plans. Went up to Chilling Waterfall twice this month. This place was perfect for our short getaway :) And addition to that, I've grown to love going on nature walks, jungle-trekking and just trailing alongside the greenery. It's good to get out of town for a while and enjoy the nature while its still there.

I practically dipped myself in between the rocks. The waterfall was really crowded with people and I thought the area within it gave a bad sight. The water current was really fast tho.

Fraser's Hill. Just a lil bit higher up from Sg Chilling.

Patut ramai lagi ni. Seniors and juniors combined!

And oh..our seniors of 10/11 graduated two weeks ago. Graduation Day is one of those days where the air is filled with happiness and contentment :) but mine still a long way to go~

I guess that is it. Will update more when the mood kicks in.


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