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Monday, September 01, 2014

Short Getaway : Pangkor

Just what I needed. Even though it was short, near and low cost/budget, I had a tremendous time with my besties. My best friends for life. The last time I went for a vacation was like a few years ago? I guess I was so caught up in getting other things done until I don't even have a 'me' time. And yes, during this long semester break for two months, me and my girls planned our trip last minute, last few weeks after Raya and off we go. When I say low budget, I spent only 200++ for the whole three days and two nights. CHEAPSKATE much? Hahaha trust me I'd spent more if I had a thick pocket. This is like the most cheapskate vacation ever. We planned everything meticulously, from the accommodation, food, transport and water sports. Alhamdulillah it felt great that we didn't have to spend so much on the necessities though!

And oh, it was a five of us. All are my primary school buddies since 2001. I loved the fact that we managed to maintain our friendship until now. I know going on a vacation with these crackheads will be haywire/havoc, but oh well I love them too much hehe.

Now, where shall I begin...

Day 1 {Warning : Lot of pictures coming through}

High quality pictures all belong to my talented friend Saidah with her dslr, while low quality pictures are from my iphone.

Main transport was of course the bus. We took the bus from Jalan Duta to Lumut at 9am. Expected to arrive around 12. EXPECTED. Well surprise surprise, pukul 230 baru sampai -__- We didnt tag at Lumut for long because we're all eager to see the beach. Alhamdulillah from the jetty it was just 15 minutes to our chalet. After praying and resting for a bit, we had our lunch by the beach. The food was okay. I did some research before going and people say that everything there is really pricey. I totally approved that. Found a corner stall where they serve Nasi Ayam, Mee sup and Laksa, limited choices but everyone was hungry so we ate whatever theres left. It was nice eating while enjoying the scenery in front of. The stall was really simple and old but the beach definitely gives out the mood. No noises or disturbances, its just the waves washing the seashore.

Okay so this is the chalet that we stayed, Nipah Bay Villa. Walking distance to the beach (totally compulsory!). We booked deluxe terrace chalet for 4 pax, MYR 250++ for three days and two nights. Since there's 5 of us, each paid MYR50 and I would consider that afforable la. It has tv, air conditioner and hot shower.

Before we eat, lol excited much!

S & H

S, S, N & H. It was perfect. Alhamdulillah.

Now what? Off to the beach of course =)

It was around 5pm ish, we decided to not play with the watersports yet since we're dead exhausted from half day of travelling so it was just dipping in the seawater. At the end of the shore there was pool of rocks and located far away from the public so we took a dip and swam around there where it felt much safer and private until the sun was slowly setting down. The rocks were big enough to make it look like a fort, except that its all bulky and not really aligned symmetrically.

Panorama fail because I was standing on a big rock and my body was wobbly all the time. 

Then we prayed and cleaned ourselves. Dinnertime soon.
I knew the food would be a lil pricey but I didnt expect it to THAT expensive after we ate our dinner at this restaurant, where from the chalet it was as if calling to us (I think maybe it was the lights and looked very merry). Unfortunately I forgot to snap the picture of the restaurant but its at Teluk Nipah. Kena tipu with the food. Can you imagine RM50 for a small bowl of Tomyam, fried Squid and omelette? I got shocked when Hazirah paid RM50 so it got us all traumatized and not wanting to come back. Mood spoiled on the first day haha -_-


Breakfast in bed, well not really in bed. We ate biskut cicah oligo until full.

Forget about yesterday, we were excited to spend the half day on the beach. Sunscreen and sunnies ready gals :)) Firstly it was island hopping and snorkeling only for RM15 per person. I had fun snorkeling! It was the best experience. At first it was hard adjusting the goggle and the mouth thingy haha but in the end I did fine. The Coral Island is not really rich with corals since I didn't see any, it's just the blue and yellow fish, no Clown Fish as well. The main attractions during the Island hopping was mostly gigantic rocks resembling the crocodile, human foot and turtle, as far as I can remember. Maybe it's the effect of weathering and the forces by the sea waves (science talk kbye).

N & H

Thank you to kind stranger who snapped this for us!

Our boat was similar to this one.

Fed the fish with roti. The boatmen said that they bite. ok takut haha.

I enjoyed snorkeling the most, kinda miss it now. Then after 30 minutes of exploring the snorkeling area, the tour guide named as Abang Yob brought us to the core of the island which requires us to hike/climb the forest and it took us about 20 minutes. The hiking brought us to this beautiful, clear and blue sandy beach. I was over the moon I feel like jumping and running in the water everywhere hahaha. 


.....leads us to this. Huaaa it was so beautiful.

We spent about 30 minutes at this beach, I couldn't get enough at how clear the water is haha. After that, its back to the shore for some water sports, ranging from banana boat, sofa mable and water skiing. I tried the banana boat since I was a bit scared to try the others (sebenarnya nak save duit lol). Sorry no pictures for this one hehe. Until about noon, all sunburnt and dead exhausted we head back to the chalet to clean up and prepare our lunch. Saving and traumatized by yesterday's experience we chose to eat instant noodles. About 3pm we rented a car for 12 hours for sightseeing. There's not much of sightseeing to do in Pangkor since the island is really small. The main attraction that I can remember is the Dutch Fort. Remains built by the Dutch then destroyed by the Malays, not fully though(In those colonial days our ancestors hated the outsiders as they conquered the land that does not belong to theirs). K what's with the History talk. And of course the town, where tourists can do some shopping.

The Dutch Fort was literally empty. The stalls were not opened. The area within was not guarded. It's like located just beside the main road. We had the place to ourselves and faff about with the camera (haha typical). It was scorching hot though.

I was not aware of this picture being taken.......(too busy reading I guess)

Then, to Pangkor Town we go. I bought tshirts for Saufi and Abrar, and some keropok for our kitchen. H looked for ikan bilis while others bought cempedak goreng =)

After that, we wanted to see the sunset. Scanned through the map where it showed a beach that was ideal to see the perfect sunset. 

Credit to S for this pic. This is us waiting for the sunset.
H was sleeping in the viewing tower hehe.

My favorite. Beaufitul indeed. I wish to watch this sunset again in the future.

It was the final night in Pangkor, so we wanted to try some seafood. I was eager to eat ikan bakar since I havent had it for a long time. And to not be fooled again by the previous restaurant, we went to the restaurant that was situated further back from the main road of Teluk Nipah. Alhamdulillah the food was nice and worth the price. It was introduced in different sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 person. S'cuse for the boring and sleepy tone, I am kinda sleepy. Wifi was fixed today and it got too slow, it took the whole day to get photos uploaded......

Ikan Bakar (Lelah), Siakap 3 rasa, sotong goreng, telur dada, ayam masak merah and tomyam all from RM120 =)


Goodbye Pangkor. Spent the last few hours at the same beach we went yesterday. Alhamdulillah it was unoccupied so we had the beach to ourselves and everybody got so crayyyyyzzyyyy haha.

Saidah's magic touch.


Alhamdulillah, I think thats it for now. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for the opportunity seeing and exploring your greatest creations.
Thanks to my best friends, I truly had a good time.


Next trip : Perhentian. Maybe =P


D-SIM said...

kena tipu ? hahaha

did forget to mention you makanan sana mahal mahal ?

guess i should write about my trip soon enough. .

Aisyah Munirah said...

Yeah it was mr google who mentioned it to me.
Thanks mr google.