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Monday, July 07, 2014

The Purpose of Life

I should be sleeping right now. But I need to get this off my chest so I will continue.

Last year, when I attended Being ME conference at PICC, I vividly remember this one particular session with my all-time favorite Sheikh Daodd Butt, but I couldn't remember the topic. He begins the session by  addressing a simple question to the audience.

" What is the purpose of life for muslim women?"

{Created by Me, quote by Yasmin Mogahed}

Muslim women. 

The hall suddenly went all chattery and Sheikh wanted answers from the audience. Sister by sister answered the question and the question has made everyone to brainstorm the answers.

"To become a pious mother, wife and daughter"
"To attain jannah"
"To become a great khalifah" (yes, I volunteered an answer too since it was easy)
"To become an obedient servant"

The answers were seemingly expected since the hall was mostly occupied by the ladies of all age, race and origin. And then Sheikh said, all the answers were correct. But, the most important purpose of life for muslim women is to worship Allah SWT and nothing else. 
Because when you worship Allah SWT, you will become a pious mother, wife and daughter. You will attain Jannah. You will become a great khalifah. And lastly, you will become an obedient servant.
When you worship Allah SWT, all matters become an act of worship, or an obedience to Allah SWT.
You can definitely see a correlation there right?

Actually, this memory of mine was recalling back was due to a situation that I suddenly have to face again. Had to admit that I wanted a break from even having the thought of it. But somehow, I just can't. It had something to do with the purpose of life. And I questioned myself, why was I chosen to become this and that. I started to laid out the possibilities, even bad ones. And, sigh. Made me think hard that actually, for it comes with a purpose. That is to worship Allah. These events recurring and coming back into our lives are just the means to remind that we're here for a reason. 

And that is to worship Allah SWT.

May Allah SWT forgive for all the wrong thoughts of Him. Day by day I'm always reminding myself that I live under Allah's greatest mercy and I should be thankful. Despite all the sins and the prejudice I've made towards Allah SWT. May Allah SWT keep us steadfast in this magnificent month of Ramadhan. 

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