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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jewellery is evolving!

Do you remember how jewellery used to become a major part of our childhood? Well I can remember fondly of mine.Since the first 3 of my siblings were all girls, my mother kinda 'decorated' us with anklets, bracelets and necklace. And myself being the first child, I had an anklet when I was a baby. Boy I was lucky that time haha. I actually saw the anklet at a photograph and when I was a few months old, my parents did solo photoshoot for me. Anyways, back to the topic. I know back in the days, our ancestors somehow worshipped on the idea of posessing jewellery, as for many reasons, it is important to at least own a set of jewellery. Thats why we are prone to see our opah and tokwan all geared up with their gold necklace, and gold bracelets mounting on their arms haha. I even wondered how can they cook with all that? Lol

Now, the oldies they stick to the gold ones, at least thats what I know. Even my mother has her own collection. But day by day she has infaq them to needy ones, stating that she doesnt need a load of jewelleries no more. Enough for to be passed on to the next generation! Although I'm not a fond of gold jewelleries seriously. I remember having this one necklace with the initial 'T' which stands for my 'manja' name at home. No I wont reveal it. Some might know though and I appreciate that if you people just keep it to yourselves okay. Haha. I don't quite know what happened to that necklace. I had it when I was in school and now its nowhere to be found. I'm sorry Umie! 

Another thought, back when I was in UK theres this one shop where I would go crazy whenever I'm inside the shop. It was me and my sisters favorite. It was every British girl's favorite (No I ain't a Brit, born and bred in Malaysia please). Basically it has everything that a girl needs in order for her to look girlish and fashionable. I would always go for the rings, bracelets and necklace. Duhh! Much love for these things until my jewelery box was full. Lol. Of course they were not expensive and totally affordable. Now I still wish I could go to that shop, inshaAllah when I'm given the chance to 'balik kampung' and visit Manchester. I will 
surely go.

Since I don't have time to shop for jewelleries due to several reasons of me being in a university that cares about ranking (opps), I now know a place to shop! Even more convenient when it's online. Just a click away :) It's what I do these days, shopping online I mean. Because not all the things I want would be available in retail therefore online shopping would definitely do the job. Theres like a lottttt to choose from seriously! I'm going all nuts here. Head over to Zalora to feast your eyes on various choices of rings, bangles, necklaces and they even have brooches too! Now thats definitely a must have for us hijabis right.

Beautiful and affordable! 

My kinda taste for jewellery. Something unique and prolly some sort of vintage as well =)

What are you guys waiting for? Lets choose our own set of jewelleries for this upcoming raya! Head over to Zalora now inshaAllah =) Happy shopping!

Note to muslimah : Wear something moderate. Islam does not prohibit us wearing jewellery, ever heard of the story of Aisha RHA, the Prophet's beloved wife. She had necklace and she kinda lost it during a trip with the Prophet SAW. There's more to the story I'm sure, but my point is even Aisha RHA had the desire to beautify herself, I mean she is the Mother of Believers and she was with the Prophet SAW all her life. I hope this story benefits everyone inshaAllah :)


D-SIM said...

Aaaaa now I know why I shouldn't call you that 't' name hahaha

Aisyah Munirah said...

And you wont -_-