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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Its that End of 2nd year story.

Alhamdulillah, another year of academic to be finally over. My second of Ecology and Biodiversity has finally ended...a week ago. Haha. Now I've only had the chance to update this blog since a lot has happened, from the final paper until now. But everything seemed to happen in a blink of an eye. I've always anticipated for the final paper and had plans even before the exam started (typical) and yes finally my classmates decided to do a bit of hiking/jungle trekking which leads to a beautiful waterfall area. It was Subhanallah amazing man!

Now, the journey was really challenging. May not be for them, but for me yeah I was laughing and crying at myself (inside) because I foolishly didn't prepare the proper attire, by this its the shoes. Initally my friend said the hiking would be just 15 minutes so I thought, maybe my crocs can do the job. And I kinda like slept really late the night before, buying the food and the necessary things needed for the picnic, so I woke up late, rushed with the packing and even wore the Esprit canvas bag -_- really it was not a big help. Not when every 10 minutes I got stuck at tree branches because my bag has everything stuffed in it, including a pack of Roti Gardenia (it was plain flat the moment we arrived at the waterfall hahahaha) and it became a major obstruction for the whole journey!!

Onto the shoes. Well my crocs, I had it like since I was in 16 and now I'm 21??!! I can still fit my cute pair of feet (perasan). But, they're not original of course hahaha I bought it somewhere in Langkawi. I've been using it since my foundation days and slowly the soles are eroding. Not a single time I wore it without getting myself slipped on the floor. Blimey. But the thing is, I had no choice. Apart from having Vans with me, rasa sayang nak pakai for all the steep paths but in the end had to put that sayang feeling away. Halfway I changed to Vans, simply because I just cant stand those constant tripping between the rocks (we had to cross rivers btw) and everytime I fall my classmates all got worried and checking on me everytime.

"Aisyah ok?"
"Kaki Aisyah boleh jalan lagi?"

Dah lama tak buat activity macam ni so please a big pardon on me for this okay? Hehe.
After I changed to Vans, it definitely felt better. The rocks become less slippery, I had control and balance over my body and the tripping was lessened. Haaa this is another problem. I guess I'm just all bundled up with fat on every single layer of cell in my body that it has come to the phase where I can't even balance my body.
Kesiannya T___________T
I dont know maybe I'm losing the skill to coordinate myself or its just the fats. Im pretty sure its the fats though.

Anways, enough of that self embarassing moments.

The journey took us around 3 hours, because along the way a friend had his legs cramped. So we had to always keep up with each other but on the way back, it was just 30 minutes! Lol. Because it was already reaching to Asar and being the woods in that period is not such a good idea. Must hurry out fast. When we arrived, it truly felt like the waterfall is at the end of the world......but worth the hiking though! It was really beautiful. The sun somehow stood above the waterfall, it was like all glittery and shiny. And the sound of water running. I've been craving for that. Not the tap water running ones, its the nature&natural ones that I look forward too! The moment we settled our bags and equipments, everybody jumped in the water. I didnt tag along because I dont know didnt feel like being in the water, loser I know haha. We prepared the setting of our portable stove, and starting sizzling the food. Everyone was obviously hungry right?

When it was Zuhur, I found a perfect spot to pray. It was this big flat rock beside the smaller waterfall and it was perfect for us to pray. MashaAllah, never thought I could pray under the beaming sunlight and having the sound of water gushing through its current. It was really peaceful and nice =)
When its time to go home, everyone was feeling heavy. Haha I guess that day was really fun and memorable. Even requested it to make as our annual or semester activities, so that we'll be exposed more to nature and not just depending on our fieldtrips.
Thanks to Basyar for leading the way. Thanks to our mommies; Fie, Nani, Ijat for buying and preparing our lunch, Nad, Nomi, Ala, Fiqah and boys; Affan, Farhan and Dinie.

I forgot to add that to get to the waterfall, we must cross this really huge tunnel. The moment everyone saw this tunnel, I knew it was a stop for pictures. Lol. Theres water running in it too! This is Fie btw.

And here's Nani when I instructed here to do the kicking motion haha

The water is absolutely pristine and clear. Nak minum je rasa.

And taraaaa! The waterfall. Cantik sangat subhanAllah

Solat beside the river. No picture for the rock though.

And this is us cooking on one of the big rocks.

I guess thats it. On the way back we stopped at a mosque to clean ourselves and prayed Asar. 
And look what I found on the way back :P

Alma mater! This was the bus that practically took us to all sorts of events that we had to attend during school days. =')

And lastly.....

Who knew Ramadhan would come so early this year. The gap between my last paper and 1st Ramadhan 1435H was just a few days away. Honestly, I'm not getting the vibe yet. Mainly because I'm still not able to perform the fasting ibadah, but I really look forward to grab all the rewards. The last 10 days, lets not make it as waste again. I seriously need a lot of forgiveness from Allah. Because I think lately I was always on the lowest point of Iman. In fact, I'm really ashamed of my own self, of what I've done, what I've become. But in the end, I had to do something. And I guess Ramadhan came as the saviour. I really need to improve myself for the better, istiqamah. InshaAllah please pray for me.

Dont make this Ramadhan a waste. Who guaranteed tomorrow?

Toodles everyone.

UPDATE : How could I even forget the name of the place hahhahahaha ya Allah I'm really sorry. Its at Sungai Pisang, Gombak. For those who want to know more, please google =) 


D-SIM said...

waaaa kayo pergi junggle trek pakai Vans

btw, u forgot the name, the place name.

Aisyah Munirah said...

Ya Allah lupa -____-
Dah update! Its at Sungai Pisang, Gombak. Tepi highway ke Bentong. Thanks btw lol