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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Salam and err Good morning

Warning : Long and detailed entry below.

I have left this blog unattended for almost 3 weeks. Apologies for that. This semester is one hekka busy. Lol
From April until early May, a lot events and things happened. So I thought I'd just put pictures chronologically then ay...

5 - 6 April : HE assignment trip to Cameron Highlands.

Did a research on Orang Asli, as the topic of our assignment. We chose Cameron Highlands because..well the place is rather nice, there were strawberries haha, it was cold too most of the times. We interviewed one muslim family and mashaAllah they were so nice to us. We were thankful that they made our tasks easier around the clock and we had lots of time to visit strawberry parks, lavender farm and tea valley!
Stayed at a budget chalet called Sri Impiana Chalet, rm160 per night. Booked one family room and we all loved it to bits!

Gayest collage I could ever attempt on :/

Not to forget, Instax Minis hehe

Alhamdulillah, our group was first to present (berkat doa Yani hehe), relieved that the lecturer was interested and praised our hard work :-) Thank you to Yani, Zakiya, Aidil (plus Syafiq for driving us around and belanja makan haha), Mira and Izzati for being awesome! They were all BioChem students, while I was the only Ecology student there lol.

12 - 14 April : Symbio'13, Tasik Bera Pahang.

Our college's yearly project, I was not involved but I joined as a participant :) Another trip to Pahang, to be exact Tasik Bera where we met another branch of Orang Asli, the Semelai people. Now this group of Orang Asli is more modernised. The head of each village owns a Hilux -_- and most of them were well educated too. Well to sum everything up, I enjoyed being a kampung girl for 3 days, haha. I tried FISHING (getting none in the end lol), MAT-WEAVING (give up in the end sebab tak cantik), learnt their Semelai Language and ritual dances (which I didnt participate because..it was ritual, obviously), watch the Tok Batin getting Ubi Kayu naturally and freshly, played netball against the orang asli representatives of PAHANG PLAYERS which obviously we LOST (Hahaha), campfire (nyanyi lagu Kau Ilhamku -_-) and....the bestest thing was standing at the back of their Hilux while the Tok Batin drove around their village! Best gila tau, terasa jakun pulak for once hehe :-)

Thank You Symbio'13 for this opportunity! 

Another attempt of gay collage. K.

15 - 19 April : Islamic Discovery Week'13

Just righ after the midsem break, another project awaits. This time, it was a major project of Balai Islam, KK8. I was again in the publicity team. My task was to design a banner and a logo. It was simple and simple and simple. Tak cantik. Haha :(. Alhamdulillah even before the midsem break we initiated our tasks, keeping them in progress, and the week was done successfully. I was glad that it was not sandwiched between tests or quizzes because I had done most of them before the break X) So the week was started with Majlis Perasmian, A talk by Ameen Misran, Qiyamullail (we ate Burgers yumyum), Iftar Perdana and lastly Khatam Al Quran :-)

Frankly speaking, project ni tak stress. Eventhough it was a sacrificing- week- of -5 nights, I didnt feel a hassle and I thought it ran smoothly. Although at intervals I was emotionally distorted due to some stuffs....but anyways I got over it. I hope everyone that participated during the week gained something eventhough it doesnt meet everyone's expectation, compared to other colleges. We're still new and hoping to do better in the future. This was our medium of da'wah. I think I contributed only a small portion being the 'behind the scene' people. But, Alhamdulillah. Thank you to everyone for the splendid job :-) *t-shirt muslimah sangat lawa btw*

1st May : Malam Anugerah Kinabalu, Royale Chulan KL

Well well well. If it isn't one of those glitz and glamorous night. -_-
At first I didn't want to go but thinking that I paid rm100 for it maybe I should make the FOOD worthy.
Chinese food was served, and yeah it was sedap! Especially loved the dumplings. 
But I paid RM28 for the parking ticket................................ugh.

Another Instax! I didnt bring the SLR, not bothered. And jeng jeng jeng...Beautiful rose given from someone :PPP (poyo je semua ni)

And finally...the FINAL PROJECT of Sprouts8.
9 May  : Closing ceremony.

I had to be the emcee for that night. It was stressful, because there were lots of last minute changes. The first two rehearsal was awful. Got scolded by our director. Starting on Tuesday, its where the sleepless nights begin. And not forget, submitting our Titas assignment on that day itself. Blimey, everything was done last minute. Whyyyyy -_- So I couldnt wait for the closing ceremony to be over, and our test on CELL BIOLOGY was on Saturday. So right after the event ended, I didnt sleep until Friday just for the sake of revising the whole syllabus. I knew the time sacrificed was nothing, its the quality of what my brain stored that counts. Haizzzz. Anyways, after two awful, out-of-place rehearsals, the night went smoothly. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah once again. I was so glad, man I was. Haha.

Oh I forgot about one thing, EcoBian Nite -_-
11 May - Senior Farewell Night

from first year, second year and finally third year. Happy Graduating next year :-) and thanks for having us too.

So thats a wrap to Semester 2. Now its time to concentrate on our finals starting from 10th until 25th June.
Time to start all those mind-mapping, munching while reading, stretching in and out, hunger strike, late night revisions, coffee consumption. Ah the usual and UNHEALTHY stuff you know -.- My bad, my bad.

May Allah ease everything. May Allah is always with us. May the angels jot down all the good deeds, our jihad, our struggles, all for the sake of HIS KNOWLEDGE, REDHA and so on :)

Mohon doa anda-anda di luar sana!

Selamat Berfinal semua :-) Barakallahufeekum.

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