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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

K-Fiqh Wanita&Islam

SALAM and Gewd Evening

The Wednesday of my first semester break. How am I coping it? How am I spending it? Well apart from being a full-time driver and CharlieandTheChocolateFactory provider to my two bros(habisla duit scholar tatak Abrar&Saufi oiii), thats about it actually. Oh yeah my parents came down to fever and flu, had to take over some responsibilities in the house and maynnn it was tiring. But oh well, I'm the eldest and I have to be responsbible. *inisemuaphoyo*

I went home on Thursday since my last paper was on Wednesday. The feeling of last paper, nothing beats it XD. My plan was to go to Seoul Garden at Kerinchi with coursemates, but everyone had matters to settle, so next semester it is! Right now, I am praying for the best of my results. Hoping for a PASS, thats all I need. The core papers were so hard I almost cried in the hall. What sorcery is this?!..for every single question. Good grief. I didnt sleep for two days, I hope my hard work at least is paid off :"(

Anyhoots, last weekend, I attended Konvensyen Fiqh. This is my first time attending K-Fiqh. Previously they did K-Fiqh Ummah, Politik (the venue had to be changed due to some instructions from pihak atasan)..thats about it I think. RM90 was probably worth it. But its really-really different compared to Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia since it was held at PICC, Putrajaya. The venue, inputs, facilities everything was a full satisfactory and comfortable too. We didnt have to berebut for seats, theres a lot of them. The screens are definitely big, so for those who chose to sit at the back, no problem. But this time, it was held like in a convention hall, so what to expect right. Its okay, the sound system was good and there were screens for people at the back. Yes we arrived a lil bit late. Blame KTM -.-

Alhamdulillah, I gained a lot. Things I need to know, to prepare for the future. Although I'm becoming 20 soon, I realised that I have stepped into the adulthood ......okay this sounds so cheesy for me to go on haha >_< whatever it is, I'm always young and fresh from the heart!

As usual, I jotted down (jotting down without a pen -.-) a few notes inside le phone's memopad. Virtual memopad, type type type and more typing. No more pens and small notebooks.

For day 1, do refer here : K-Fiqh Wanita&Islam : Day 1

Day 2 : K-Fiqh Wanita&Islam : Day 2

Ustaz Zaharuddin as the opening slot.

Ustaz Hasrizal : Serikandi Sahabiyat dalam hati Gadis Semasa

I remember vividly what Ustaz Hasrizal said, we ladies must help the men to become more..MEN. According to statistics, the number of men is more compared to women in Malaysia, so we're talking about the whole nation here. But in IPTs, we all know that men is seen the less than the women. In lectures, staffrooms and office, they doesnt seem to tally well. So what could be the problem here then? Bam. Ustaz Hasrizal made his point so adequate, that yeah it realized me a lot. Men, they are lessening in terms of QUALITIES. More as a muslim one. The main problem is they dont realize their responsibility and role as a son to begin with, then as a husband, father and so on. Its kinda heavy, until at some point I'm grateful to become the XX chromosome carrier, not XY. Eh Bio la pulak. Lol. Another thing was, of course confusion of gender. Pondan and gay stuffs you know. I've friends like that and somehow I really pity them. What could just go wrong..right. So ladies, lets help the men to come back, return to their fitrah. As a mother, sister, wife, generally as a woman. Please read more on Ustaz Hasrizal's part, I find it really vital. Excuse for the mistakes or lack of knowledge yeah.( Everything I wrote above is based on Ustaz Hasrizal's research or point of view. Not mine. Again, excuse for any khilaf >_<)

For me, I have two brothers. Young and growing up day by day. Surrounded by 3 witty sisters, they are our victims sometimes. Okay NOW I feel bad for dressing them up with my shawsl towels T_T. But then, when I observed them, insyaAllah they wont fall the 'wrong' path. Both knows how to fight and wrestle, mischevious, active, runs around when/where they like. Pray that I become a good sister and role model for them. Ameen.

Seriously the interior (lol) of this Rainbow Quran cantik! Tapi tak beli :(

Oki Setiana Dewi was one of the guests, she talked about her hijrah experience. May Allah bless her. From what I can see, shes really sincere in what shes doing. She goes to jail, teach the convicts how to read Quran, share and give talks. Her presence there really is meaningful for them. They are humans, who made mistakes in life, not solely or foreverly jahat. She also made friends with the confused gender people, Indonesians have this special term but I forgot T_T. Thats how they make money. Dress up like a sexy lady or more like a hooker, knocks on windows of the cars, they go car to car, during at night. This is a scene I've seen while at Bandung. Yup. Its really scary, but Indonesians are used to it. May Allah give them hidayah. But Oki reminded us again-again, dont judge them. These people shouldnt be neglected or disband..maybe we just need to hear them out. Another form of da'wah perhaps.

As a bonus, I met the inspirational blogger, Maria Elena! The first day, I saw her and wow..she's really pretty. She even wore handsocks mashaAllah. I really admire people who change and transform, drastically or step by step. I mean, high respect for them. Rasa sangat inferior T_T. Plus, I really love her fashion sense! Everything is about labuh, longgar, at the same time you still cover properly according to Allah's likings. She may have past, a place where she does want to visit again, but looking at her now, such a blessing. Shes really quirky and witty, thats why I love her. Really genuine =)

Friends from UM came to stay at my house during the 2 day convention. Thanks Anis, Alin and Yanie for staying by. Sorry for the inconveniences, my annoying brothers -_- and on behalf of KTM Rawang for being so extremely fast! (sarcasic mode on) lol. Do come again hehe. Thanks to Kak Atin also for being the ultimate companion since 2006 :D

I spent rm150 for jubah, cute badges, handsocks, and a shawl. God Forgive Me T_T couldn't resist them, these stuff are not always cheap when I come across them!

Seminar Baitul Muslim 2.0 coming up. Still deciding whether I should go or not. Sem break coming to an end during that time.......tick tock tick tock krik krik krik krik

Good day!

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