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Friday, November 30, 2012


Theres that one tiny place, where you would like to feel belonged.
Not left out.
Not oblivious.
Not insecure.

But then..you just don't. Your norms are no match to them. Which makes you ponder deeply in thought..am I that inferior...always lost in delusions while others are scraping out their blocks of reality.

I'm looking for the missing parts of the puzzle. I'm still figuring the way out in the trapped maze.
Foreverly perturbed.

You've been given choices, but you failed in choosing the right one, ended up living in guilt. Solely pathetic self once again. Sigh

My intuitions will always be the opposite. Therefore I'd like to cast out any irrelevant ones in the future.

In this World, you are born alone, and you die alone. Everything you get so busy with daily abandons you at one point or another.

When all else abandons you, there is one being your heart cries for. One being you know in your heart is always there. A being unlike anything in the universe. A being that has power 
over the universe.

And that being is truly the creator of everything, the eternal, the sustainer, from whom all things are sustained and who needs sustainance from no one.

That one being is truly Allah.

No love is more true than the love between the creator, and the humble slave.

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Lets reflect upon ourselves once again shall we.

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