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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Finale


Happy Ramadhan people, today or tonight precisely is the 12th night of Ramadhan. I have been exempted from fasting somewhere in those 12 days and I iz pure sad. I wanted no puasa ganti(s) and to fast fully. Every lady wants that actually. Wait. Do I really have to mention that? My sole intention is just to express how sad I am for not being able to fast fully in the blessing month.

Do you know..or you may not know..I am currently suffering from a terrible syndrome..that is the lazy and procrastinating syndrome. I have like a list of what I should in order to prepare for some upcoming important events that will change my life presumably 360 degrees and I only managed to find&made copies of this and that. Then stashing everything in one pile of papers and shoving it in one file. Organised enough? Lol. Oh well, bare in mind that it will be another 1 month and half (probably) until I become a siswi at UM. Awh :3
Whatever it is..if this goes on prolongly, I'm in deep trouble I suppose. It will be like last years preparation for foundation at Puncak Alam and JPA interview where I was always annoyed by le father's fussy-ness and wanting everything to be perfect and well organised. I was like..take it easy Baba I know what I'm doing. And then during this one time, it was ytn's interview where I was to take this personality test at home and print the results out, and hand it over to the authorities (ceh) but I didnt. Dad was quite furious with me that day and he kept on being sarcastic after that. Okays dad I truly have learnt my lesson. Hehe

Notice the things to do list..and its left untouched. lol

Anyhoots. Lets move on shall we. I'd like to talk a little bit of this Ramadhan. Not that it differs from previous years, I celebrated it as a muslim in a non-Malaysian environment. Went to normal school and fasted like normal muslims should have. But somehow I felt like I'm less of a food junkie or food berserk -.-, I prefer drinking more..and yes the chosen beverage is of course heavenly coconut juice. Purrrrrrr. Favorite ever since <3. And I did that 2 days straight..ended up having a body less energetic, tired for tarawih and of course sleepy. Which in the end I forced myself to go! Must not miss tarawih. So since we're 2 weeks away from Eid, I hope I can achieve well and make the best of it. Please and insyaAllah. I don't want to waste time. I mean real time not doing anything. And also being consistent to all the daily ibadah even if Ramadhan ended. Not to forget! To complete my tadarus..alone..which I dont mind a bit :)

To be consistent. Amin. Pic credit to Hidden Is Just As Beautiful

What Ramadhan really means. 

Credit to Hidden Is Just As Beautiful.

It should be more on to purifying and cleansing our minds and souls. Spirituality value must be enhanced more than the physical value. I mean come on, its only once a year right? Besides that, Ramadhan also should be a booster or starter point for some people to maybe..check what spiritual values they have lacked. We're all not perfect, but we can always strive towards perfect and that is of course not perfect in the eyes of human, but to the Almighty. We have flaws but can always repair, improve and polish it :) So a self-reminder for myself as well. Facebook is also helping everyone out to gain more pahalas as there are many pictures, quotes, stories and articles that can enlighten the spirit and mood of Ramadhan. Always take the positive kays?

I think thats all for today. 

Oh wait this happened :-

Laptop-pad much? Herghhhh -_____- I had to tilt my head down and the laptop as well, scrolling and clicking the icons were quite depressing since the mouse icon keeps bouncing back and forth. Lol.Thank God I managed to have some friends helping me out with this. I panicked and thought this is the end. Haha pathetic. In a nutshell, it only requires me to adjust the screen orientation back to landscape, since this is portrait/vertical. I'll never forget this moment..ever.

Happy Fasting and Selamat Berbuka =)

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