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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be Brilliant!

Salam and wehayy back to the blogging reality.

Look at the time. Look at the month we're in now. The more I sank deep into realizing how time flies like a fly, the more it hits me. The time has come, maybe a little bit more. The time to start thinking which path of life we're leading. A part of me whisper things like 'Can it be extended a little more?' or 'Can we just stay like this forever?' haih. Surely not. Wake up, keep your eyes wide awake. This is what we call, REALITY.

So I attened the interview for UNHAS like few weeks ago. Alhamdulillah the interview went well. The only thing I had in mind is not just merely impressing the officers, but to be at home like really fast. In the end, I spent the whole afternoon after with Dina and Esma as the driver with other Palam students. Hmm the joy of reunion. Met our geniuses back in B5, Nadiana and Haikal, yeah these people are future muslims doctors. InsyaAllah.

Now that the interview had passed, I dont how the results are. I mean like how much effort I put on impressing and persuading my not-so-smart answers when the questions were bombed out. Lol. It was really unexpecting when Dr.Mahmud started asking questions like suicide bombing..Ibu susuan and yes people I made myself logic. I think. Lol. Going to BTN was another requirement for this programme. So yeah the typical old me being such a lazy arse, feeling reluctant to leave the house for 5 days just for some brainwashing camp. I didnt have the slightest idea how I discovered a lot during those 5 days. The first 2 days were just talks given by professionals in their own field. One of the officers was my dad's friend. Khairul Azzam. He did master in Law when my dad dis his phd at Manchester a few years ago. I actually met him and his family. No wonder he seems so familiar. His talk was so funny, lol seriously. He was sarcastic most of the times =.=. Then on Tuesday night, we were given a group.

Forgot to mention that not only 21 people from Palam came, but also our juniors that will be furthering their studies in Egypt and Jordan. All are future docs and dentists, and islamic bankers too. Alhamdulillah to these people. In my group, thank you God I was not the only eerrr 'senior', there was Amir Farid from also from Palam. And others are of course smartypants from Intec and UCSA. Heh my group members were easy to mix so I had no problem in mingling with them. We spent like 2 days together, doing things assigned, debated, voiced opinions and I had to admit I felt less secluded, probably more open-minded. Yay or nay.

 from left at the back : Kimie, Lokman, Amir Farid,
from left front : oya, Amalina, Aqilah, Hajar, me and Syiros
Not in the pic : Izwan as the photographer and cant remember his name. darn it.

When walking up the tarmac road after climbing up a hill. then passed by a big dam, a river and finally the waterfall. It is advisable not to bring children due to enormous, gigantic and slipper rocks.

And finally, the Culture Night..which I feared it coming. We were give like a few hours to decide..and in the end..dikir barat -_-. I knew I would suck and ruin everything. But oh well after composing the lyrics and melody, we did awesome! Haha. The main thing is to enjoy on stage. Of course I sat at the back because I was flipping shy, but I bursted out laughing with Oya and Hajar many many times because of the mistakes we did, like forgetting the lyrics and melody and continuously doing the clapping without 'chanting' the words properly.lol . Until Lokman said ' Buat rosak lagu je ni' to us and to the audience....and everyone started laughing. It was fun and joyful.

Onto the last day. Special examination upon all the information given to us. Just studied the 'Satu Malaysia' booklet and some notes I jot down during the lectures. 40 questions. Fail the exam and you wont be flying away to anywhere. Lol. Another 60% is based on the performance during the discussions and stuff. So being active and a good listener was useful. Though I went all emo when we debated on this particular issue. Haha *malumalu*. After that Majlis Penutup and everyone said their goodbyes, wishing the best in their future undertakings.

The most memorable thing I'd like to say is, getting the chance to know these group of Palam students whom I rarely met or knew. We never knew each other that close before and those 5 days were probably enough to know that we're able to survive with these people if we're destined to be at Makassar.

PALAM 2011/2012

I met an old friend of mine, Nur Aqilah Mokhtar at Manchester few years back. MasyaAllah it was a bless meeting her once again. I remembered all those times together we had spent, mostly were sleepovers. Yeah I loved having my friends crash around the place, playing fashion show, cooked/baked and WATCH A SCARY MOVIE! Hmph I surely had the typical teenager's mind -_-. Btw Aqilah will be a future muslim doctor too, she will be at Egypt during the month of Ramadhan. Good luck to her, insyaAllah.

Majlis Penutup.

The accomodation, facilities, food etc was superb. Everynight's sleeping was cold. Lol.
So back to homeland and FACE UPU, the lifetime results. That would in another chapter of Melancholy Seed sooner.



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Aisyah~ the other guy is rashdan la ~.~

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AAAAAAAAAAAAA malu malu malu >.< I hope hes not reading this -.-