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Friday, January 13, 2012

Exit the Adversity

"Keep ambitions high, in front of God and people, Your credibility will be in proportion to your ambitions"

— Couplet, by Mawlana Faizani

Right now, I should be thinking about what I should be in the future, an ambition that is to be specific. The phase one of UPU has just opened for application, and I still need to buy the ID. I should go through all the courses available, along with my qualification for sem 1 and MUET. Speaking of MUET, congrats to those who got distinctions, whatever 'band' it is. Anyways, Im making a short observation on some people that I encountered lately. It can be anyone that I know. For sure, these people have inspired me a lot, especially in terms of their profession or ambition. Is it not the same thing? It is right. To achieve this equilibrium of life, of course, education is definitely important.

It all started with a simple learning. Knowledge is vital for every one of us to hold, its something what the society would look out in ourselves. We all know how important education is. We all know how learning ABC is the basic process of learning. Sometimes, knowledge isn't always attainable from books, but from life experiences, observation and moral values. We all know that a normal human would spend almost a decade in going through their stages of education, for instance in Malaysia, after their primary school exam aka UPSR, they will spend another 3 years for PMR, which in this phase qualifies the student to be either in arts stream or pure-science stream. Last but not least, SPM. This is probably the exam of life. The exam that torture most of the students, where we were pressurized by teachers and parents, prob by the minister of education too. We became their hopes, in creating a new generation for the future. We are the ones that should continue our leader's legacy. Anyways, Being in a boarding school, honestly we have to think about 3 things : parents, teachers, SCHOOL. We must at least compete among other residential schools and this is the part where we are bound to feel tensed. It was all based on my personal experience so our perspectives would differ. Anyways, SPM really determines
the path of life. Pass with distinctions, get qualified for a scholarship and study for the right field for years, graduate and find a job. There, future secured!

Since these things start with education, personally, I think learning process is never easy. I faced many ordeals throughout my studying years. I don't simply understand on the spot when teacher is deriving a formula, and not really helpful when our lecturers teach us like the speed of light, which will lead to sleepiness, going on Twitter or Facebook (lol). Why? Because I was not born to be genius like Nur Amalina or Sufiah (who both have shocked the nation with their own issues). I was born to strive, achieve for the best. Even if its not the best, malays would say 'cukup-cukup makan'. And that is why, we muslims are obligated to seek knowledge, apply for what we have yet to learn and what outcomes can we achieve from the knowledge. And intention or 'niat' is so so important. Sincerity, whether it is potrayed or not, somehow we have to achieve it. I would ask myself, what is my intention in studying, over and over again. Until I decided to write it on the post-it-notes and stick it on my wall, so that everyday I am reminded. The only thing that pops in my mind about intention is Allah, parents and Islam. InsyaAllah, God will ease your journey. The reason to have the right 'niat' is simply because we would want a blessing from Allah, in everything that we do. Doing something for the sake of Allah and it brings contentment in you. The feeling is just beautiful right?

This however is a personal observation, as I have developed to become such an observant person these years -_-, somehow it relates to a person who does not perform his/her role as a muslim, or in other words part-time muslim. Of course, who am I to judge or label the person like that. But, I just feel that sometimes its unfair for those who tried hard in becoming a good muslim despite being a student in a very challenging environment, seeing those who are 'part time' muslims and still, able to pursue their dreams, make their parents proud and they were happy. Even small little things I would measure from these type of people, and they seem not to be aware of it, or just didnt know. But then again, events in life do happen for a solid reason. Allah knows what His servants needs, even if it seemed different or wrong from our perspective, yet we, you and I shouldn't question the fate. He plans everything in a flow, even if we have to strive, pray and tawakal, still He has laid out the path that we should walk, appreciating the essence of patience, and waiting for the right time to arrive.

I am always optimistic, but sometimes when failures in any form fall to your hands like a raindrop from the sky, it is really bitter and painful. Sometimes I would always think I was born to become a failure. I have to fail first, then I would succeed ,its like a sequence. Why can't I just be like those people who rarely fails in everything that they do, smoothly as it is, everything meets its expectation, or when they didn't put so much effort but in the end, the outcome is just pretty much better than those who put on a lot of hard work.

These occurences, really made me think deep, as I can go. And sometimes, it failed me to create an imaginary future, to predict without having uncertainties. Yes, I love imagining, people. Its a normal hobby for an eighteen year old..I think.

What I Iearnt so far is,
You fail, you succeed.
You fall, you get back up.

In conclusion, its like a repercussion, a reaction, plus comm
on sense. Just patience that matters the most. Rightio?

" O you who believed, seek help with patience, perseverance and prayer. For Allah is with those who patiently persevere" - Al-Baqarah ( 2 : 153 )

" No one will be granted with such goodness except those who excercise with patience and self-restraint, none but the persons of the greatest good fortune" Al - Fussilat (41: 35)

Lets not make the world our biggest concern shall we?


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