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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sorry seems hard

It took you one year
to realize
to think back
your very own mistakes
your neglections
your unwary signs
How you left this little piece of thing that never seemed so fragile

Thanks is all I could say
You made me realize
How foolish and naive I was
How innocent,
and to that, I see no benefits in knowing you as a person, at all
and from that, I never cared about this little piece of thing, that sooner became stoned
and from that, I definitely realize, and it was Allah who gave me this priceless awareness
So that I wont strain from His Guide, drowned into the heavy realm of fault
He's giving me a chance, to make amends

Now that they've neglected you
Abandoned you
You came looking for me, regrets written all over you
With a SORRY, that seemed so hard, that took you almost a year
Previous times, where did you keep your guilt? Locked it in a box?
Have you ever thought of how ignorant you were?

I kept quiet, remained silent
Oblivious to your eyes
Because I know where I stand
Because I know that life and future is waiting ahead of me
I dont want you, to be in my way

Just so you know, venges are not a part of me
I take your sorry
and thats the end.
May Allah Bless you, always.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Allah,
I pray to You,
Please dont let be me trapped, in this game of Satan
Please keep my iman and my heart, only for You and for someone who earns your Love too
I pray to you, keep me a distance away from all the evil deeds
Let the bonds of love made only for the sole purpose of YOU dear Allah

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.