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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its coming

Salam to all and pleasant greetings ;)

Basically, one day left before the month of Blessing. Ramadhan is making its way towards us. Oh why. Time has definitely flown so fast right? Its already July, so that means I have been here at Puncak Alam almost for 3 months. And the next thing I know, final examinations for Sem 1 is in 7 weeks. Oh wow I cant wait -__- . Test 1 is done. Alhamdulillah the results turned out to be very convincing. I have to put more and more effort, especially Physics, I dont know why it envies me so much, or maybe vice versa, but oh well. At least I managed to score it *tak gempak mana pun sebenarnya*. Still, test 2 is coming up after the Eid holidays. It is compulsory not to fail any of the subjects, and our seniors are stressing on this so much. Since this week or last week, their UPU results came out. For those who didnt score the pointer right, 'lelong' happens to them. The act of this is very....evil. Evil indeed. Its what you call nasib man. I am now having a big concern about this, eventhough this sem is not completet yet. Honestly, I havent got the slightest clue of what I want to do in the future. Medicine? Not up for it, very challenging and consistency is totally important throughout your studying years. Engineering? I turned down the YTN scholar, because I dont see myself as an engineer in future, Ill probably wreck the company's performance -__-. Being rhethoric, should I have that sense of regret in me? Because taking up this offer means my post or job is secured. I dont think filling up UPU would be necessary either. *BLANK*

Dah tak mau cakap apa-apa.

Im presuming that tomorrow, our bilik bacaan which has a TV in it will be full of rafflesians. Our first day of Ramadhan will be announced tomorrow, and Terawih prayer will also start, InsyaAllah. The bad news is, I am very very devastated, the fact that I will not be joining the blessings of this particular day, again which happened last year at Seseri :( . I told Umi, and she said, just be thankful and theres a hikmah hidden between it. Thanks dear Mother.

Speaking of which, I attended this really interesting forum the other day called 'Hadiahku, Cintaku, Jom renew cinta kita' though at first, they stressed on how our love should be distributed to the right person(s),by that I dont mean L.O.V.E C.I.N.T.A stuffs. Kay I feel cheesy -__- . From what I understood, its about how you manage your love with a sole purpose to other people. The love that you spread them, should be based on your love towards the Almighty. Righteo? I think this as a reflection, when the phrase 'Jom Renew Cinta kita' is used, my mind somehow is triggered with deep thoughts. Renewing your love means, what or who deserves it fully, wholly and eternally before anyone else does. So in simpler words, of course Allah deserves our love fully, wholly and eternally. There are important people that play a role in our lives and we should be thankful that we are receiving the love and support continously from them. But always remember, even if you are bound to be in a relationship with someone which you and I shouldnt at this time of age -__- and you love that person with all your heart and soul, always have this thought that in the end, when you're in deep doubt or troubles are circling around you, he/she wont be there to comfort or console until the feeling is gone. It is to HIM that we seek for help, to HIM that we thank for those endless graces and to HIM we return :)

So the forum is somehow a reflection for me. I may speak or write like I dont deserve to. But oh well, I aint perfect. I make mistakes and currently still learning from the past, to be used for the future.

Anyways, one of the moderator (Abang NowSeeHeart :P) mentioned, that we should 'memamakkan' Ramadhan. Pahe dok memamakkan Ramadhan tu macam mana? Of course la kata dasar memamakkan tu mamak kan. So apa yang first thing that pops in your head bila mamak is used? Typically, Malaysians would go to a mamak stall to enjoy roti canai, teh tarik, tosai and some other exotic Malaysian meals. But what I am trying to say here is, kedai mamak ni memang tarikan for pakcik-pakcik, atuk-atuk atau abang-abang untuk bersembang-sembang ke, tengok bola ke, buat meeting JAKKKKK kampung ke (haha) atau korang hayatilah lagu Malique Too Phat yang apakenamanya, haa Cerita Kedai Kopi, macam tu lah situasi kat kedai mamak kan. *Dah memang putar belit betul ayat aku* . Abg NowSeeHeart tu cakap, asal kedai mamak je, mesti meriah, dapat makanan dan minum cepat je, public suka datang. Ane-ane yang buat roti canai tu pun dah kamcing. Kalau lambat tu memang tak efficient la kan bisnes dia. So kenapa kita kena memamakkan bulan Ramadhan ni? Sebabbb,
macam mana hebatnya kedai mamak tu, macam tu la kita kena celebrate Ramadhan ni. Meriahkan Ramadhan ni sebaik-baiknya dengan amal ibadah dengan istiqamah dan ibadah tu mesti dilakukan dengan efficient! Ada betul jugak Abg NowSeeHeart tu buat perbandingan dengan kedai mamak. When I heard it for the first time, I didnt understand what was he trying to convey. But in the end, I finally did. So if you guys have a big confusion in reading this, forgive me. I am bad at putting and mathing words according to the meaning. Somehow you have to be there and lend your ears :)

So quite a lengthy post. Spent the whole day 'playing' with Seserians at INTEC. I was overjoyed in meeting them, thats for sure. Quite a reunion I'd say :)

Taa peeps!

.....and EIDUL MUBARAK! =))


amir nazri said...

May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.

ايمي شهيره عزمي said...

inshaAllah, do all good deeds on this holy month okay? :))

Aisyah Munirah said...

Amir Nazri : Thanks, you too aminn :)

Mimokjer : Thanks, no more KL Gangster -__- :P

Anonymous said...

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