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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When the thunderstorm morphed into a unicorn

Hi saya gedik.

tudung buruk, tembam. Sigh

Salam to all.

As everyone has expected, 23.3 was the anticipating day for them. Lets say, 11 years of sweat, hardwork, tears, smiles were poured in getting through this particular day. It was not easy, more to tedious and it requires this massive bubble of spirit in me to just keep going until the finishing line is visible from far. Oh bull, what the hell am I on about. I've been through a lot in the past following years, I was tested almost on everything. Be it family matters, friends, studies and whatever that a typical teenager has got to deal with in order to enter the phase of adulthood. Everything I do must sound so cliche right? Everything was not easy. Everything was tedious. Everything was hard.

Shut up brain, I didnt ask for you to intrude you freaking intruder.

Anyhow, Im not too happy nor too sad. I got what I deserved. Its more than enough, although the guttered-ness in me is spreading critically. I told myself repeatedly, You did well, you did well, you did well but I am still guttered. GUTTEREDDDDD HAHA. Oh this wee bit of disappointment will last probably a week or so. So apologies for my weird or queer mood that reflects to what I do or say.

Hmm I arrived quite early in the morning. By 930 the canteen was full of Seserians with their parents. Baba just dropped me off and rushed to PD for his workshop thingy. Already told Umi earlier that I wanted to go on my own. The school announced the best and outstanding students first, which was 3 people. Congrats to them, then to announcing the name of straight A's students. I know I was not one of them, Redha is all I could think of right now. A big congrats to my BFF Mimo for getting straight A's, hugged her for one minute and I felt the aura. But its not coming to me. After that, looked for Cattleya's spot and I saw Pn. Suzana there. Held my hand tightly on Hanna's and I told her to get her's first. Then, I paced towards my teacher, handed me our school's magazine and she looked at my slip first.

"Tahniah Aisyah!"

Took the slip, okay theres a freaking B+ on it, but the rest..Alhamdulillah. God knows how I feel that time. Glorified, all my hardwork was paid off. Except like I said, was quite guttered with the B. I should have put more effort into it..wait Im regretting. No, no no. Umi pesan jangan menyesal. Okay be thankful be thankful :)

And kawan-kawan straight A's tu, aku bangga dengan korang sangat-sangat. Sebab koranglah Seseri naik dengan mendadak for top 10 SBP. I hope it stays that way, fuhhh. Jangan jatuh, naik boleh la haha. Hmm I didnt get the chance to have my proper meeting with the girls. Everybody was rushing home. I dont know why. When I felt like I wanted to do something silly, the thought had to be erased. Mainly because I was alone, Farah As promised for Mid Valley, but she left without prior notice :'(. Soo I left Seseri on my own. Eh wait, tumpang Mayah until the traffic light, thanks Mayah. I took the train. And guess what. I got on the wrong one until I realised it was heading for Batu Caves. What the hell. Dah panic dah bila masuk, terus duduk pulak tu -.-. Sekali stop kat Sentul, pergi balik ke Putra. Stumbled into Yatt and mother, also Kak Khadijah, our senior's head girl. Few minutes then, the train to Rawang arrived, and I had to dash in quickly, without aiming for the Ladies Coach. Nasib baik la tak ramai orang.

At the end of the day, I was satisfied, rejuvenated (?) and uplifted! Praise to Allah, He heard my prayers at night, he made all those tears worth it.

*We got Cadbury for free, but ABRAR ATE IT ALL OFF. PISSED MAN.


Dahlan said...
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Dahlan said...
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Dahlan said...

I must say, that the title is quite catchy. Anyway, congrats again on the results. Like you told me earlier, you're happy with what you achieved which is proud thing. Actually you should be delighted because you don't have any C's and D's which my school guys had.

Haha, actually the mistake on the Batu Caves train was a mistake that I myself did before (I'm such a lame person right?). Thank god, my dad told me it was a Batu Caves train. To be honest, I just don't understand why can't KTM paint the train in different colours to represent the area. Seriously, they are just terrible at their work (oh, why am I even mentioning this to you).

Yes, Alhamdulillah, he has given us what we deserve. It's one way a guidance, for us to improve ourselves in the future. I've got some guys who are knocking their head on the wall, just because they didn't perform as good as trials.

Well, presuming that the school gave you the Cadbury (please correct me if I'm wrong), maybe the Little Dinosaur Abrar got hungry and Cadbury was the perfect match to his hunger. No offence, babe!

Smile always :)

khadijah said...

LOL you are aimun???seriously?!

no im sorry tapi akak rasa aimun lain from what i saw in ur blog.ngee.sorry eh.my bad my bad.

it's ok.1 je b :)

jgn lue apply scholarship!:))

eddin93 said...

tahniah Aisyah :)
semoga maju jaya keyh :)

Aisyah Munirah said...

Kak Khadijah,
how lain eh? In a bad or good way? :)

Thanks, will do :D

yongsofea said...

aishahh !
tahniah ye :))))
aisyah pandai :DD

Aisyah Munirah said...

tq yong :') hihi