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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hantu Kak Uteh :P

Salam to all.

Haha, as you can see, the title looks a bit dimwit isnt it? Well! I had a blasting weekend this week! Spent at Ibu and Kak Yang's house at Cheras. The plan was to accompany Kak Yang watch Khurafat and Damping Malam. See Im a good movie friend you know! Haha. Okay, cut to the chase, we watched Khurafat first, since it was bought from an original package. Yeah I went to watch it at Mid Valley the other day, but only for 20 mins simply because the TRAIN was late, I was LATE and RM12 gone just like that. Whatevs. Surprinsingly, there were a few scenes where I actually jumped or screamed, because of the stupid ghost keep appearing suddenly beside that girl what'shername in the car or in the corpse room or WHEREVER! After that, prayed Asar and watched Damping Malam which I find not so terrifiying (belagak tu) at all. Tapi setting movie tu kat Semashur. Memang cantiklah! Then, I watched Evan Almighty at Kak Yang's lappy, while she was playing some frog shooting pigs game on the Galaxy Tab (ala iPad :P). It was hysterical. Ive never laughed so hard (Allah forgive me!) ALONE! Kak Yang laughed at me because I was laughing to myself. Which looked disturbing.

Okay movie, movie jugak. The next day was planned. To go to Seseri, just had stuffs to settle (Wadhi) and she asked me to tag along. Firstly, I was confirmed that I saw Ms. Norsham's car passing the gate, while waiting for that minah to arrive. Then I told Wadhi, nak buat massacre kat sekolah pun boleh, Ms.Norsham tak ada *evil eyes*. Signed our names at the guard (Robokop tidak kelihatan. Rindu. Cehh.) and headed straight down. Suddenly, Ms. Norsham was there, standing in her baju kaftan glaring at us. Okay menggelabah.

me : Wadhi, jomlah. Dia pandang-pandang tu.

Wadhi : *tak ingat la pulak Wadhi cakap apa* -.-'

So it was the usual stuff, how are you, what have you been doing, you're coming here again next 2 weeks (-.-'), how are you feeling about your batch's performance. I told her that I had a dream about going there and obtaining my slip. It was.....heaven. I was in heaven, I mean my own heaven of course. And guess what she said " Orang tua-tua kata selalunya mimpi tu akan jadi terbalik". NEVERRRRRRRR! Umi said the same thing when I told her about the dream. Oh I forbid!

And then she said something I would not LIKE to hear,

" Teacher, you dont remember me ah teacher?"
"Youre in my set right? Aisyah?" *she remembered my name haha*
"Why so bulat now? I couldnt recognise you then, "


She had to say it. Imagine me going there on the 23rd and I doubt that even my friends will recognise me. Oh no no no. Tu lah makan lagi samosa ayam setiap hari.

Then, to The Mall. Boooooooring, went there last week for Nina's outing. Off to Putra KTM and Mid Valley here we come. Waited anxiously because I was not sure of which platform to choose. Not my fault that I totally forgot. It was hot hot hot and hot hot hot. I had to tag my so-called backpack along with my dirty clothes in it. Okay not exactly a backpack, its Cotton On's totebag that I adore so much. I feel like a backpacker though. Arrived there at 12, my mission is to look for a bag. In the end, I didnt just buy a bag, but a book from MPH and jogging pants from Scarlet. Dear me, dear me.

Seems interesting to read, again the setting is in World War 2 :)

Met Nana there with her friend and they kinda just followed me looking for my stuffs since they were waiting for Ira and Diana which poor Wadhi didn't get to meet. Haha. Basically, when I go shopping, I will wander off on my own. Nana was like " Mun cepatnya kau jalan! Penat aku nak kejar!" hihi sorry Nana, my bad.

All I can say is, besides sitting at home watching MITM season 7 finished, meeting them was a bit of what I call mindsetting-breakoutfree thing. If one does not understand, I command or wish you to not to understand. Oh yeah, I ate McFlurry for lunch. Legs and arms and muscles are still aching for playing badminton with Maizan the other day. Let alone walking a lot for today. I need rest.

1 Wadhi yang poyo posingnya (padahal aku yang suruh haha)

2 Masya-Allah, saya jumpa Superstar lah :)

Bon Soir , mon amies :)


wadhihah said...

hahaha, byk la awk kn aimun,, yg awk posing poyo tu mne?? :PP

Dahlan said...

Well, not bad. I'm glad you had a fun time. But no offense, its weird that you have a passion towards ghost movies. Really weird!

Anyhow, the book looks interesting. Reminds me of a movie that I watched on Dreambox here in Bahrain. At the moment, I'm reading about Frank Abagnale in Ebook. Quite interesting.

You went Mid Valley? Argghhh. That's my hangout place. Perh! I miss that place so-so dearly. I can't wait to go out with my other guys. :(

McFlurry? This is too much. You're eating my favourite Ice-Cream! :(
Overall, it really shows that you had a great time.

Smile always :)

Aisyah Munirah said...

heheheheh tgkla fesbuk wadhiii :p


haha I LOVE watching horror movies! if theres any selection of movies that I would choose, horror would be the first.

Dahlan said...

Well, somehow, I have to accept the fact that you like horror movie. :(

Aisyah Munirah said...

Lol dahlan it aint the end of the world you know :D

Dahlan said...

Haha. Well, what do you expect from a guy who doesn't watch horror movie?

Yup, you're right, it ain't end of the world! :)