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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Well

You see that picture there clearly? Its a house and a well in front of it. I love the well and the movie 'The Ring' (be it 1 or 2, I love both) gave me inspirations. The question is, why? Well, as you can see the well or perigi as the malays would call it, is built by digging a hole very very deep. Then, to make the architecture more interesting rather than leaving a hole on the ground like that, brick by brick will be added, cement acts as the 'glue' that stick the bricks together. Leave the well for decades and centuries, then come back. It will look very appealing. Its easy as une deux trois. Living in the well means you are far far from a breath of a human being, or an animal. Noises may be heard, but not that they can harm you or anything. Now lets see the necessary needs of human. Food and water? Its a well love! Drink the water from it, its absolutely natural. Food? Scratch the minerals on the bricks, there, no need for digestion or assimilation. Shelter or protection? This :

Ignore Samara. I can assure you that, no one even dares to look or take a single glance at this well. So, thats done. Next, personal belongings like clothes, books, mobile phone, laptop? Hmm thats one to be considered. But, since you are living in a well for various reasons, I dont think it matters no more. Survival is the art of living right? To get away from those sickening and repulsive affairs of life, survive and try to live inside a well and never tell a soul about it.

Does my figurative idea disturbs you? This is what I do, exaggerate things that are related to life. When there is another phase that we have to go through, and you find it tedious, what will you do? Its a rhetorical question and I hope I dont have to find the answers, because its already here somewhere.

Okay back to reality and sorry for being weird, my bad -.-'.
Being a person in different school uniforms for the past 11 years, there were always things that get in your way when you are trying to achieve something. Single-minded with one goal, you are trying to find the purpose of living in this planet. Do you know your purposes? Again, thats for others to think and for me to keep in mind. As a muslim, we made an agreement with the Almighty before we were born into the realm of reality. Are we willing to carry out the responsibility he gave to us, big or small, hard or easy? The answer is yes. Because here we are, using his advances, by that I mean the nikmats or rahmats he gave to us. And yet, I myself sometimes doubt his actions. Thats very sinful of me right? I seek forgiveness from Allah. But then again the Satan will never stop persuading and provoking us. Thats their oath and they will never leave their tracks. To destroy the muslims mankind. Nevertheless, our Daulah Islamiyyah will be once risen from below, just waiting for the right moment and take whats ours. InsyaAllah.

Heres something :

Mom : Assalamualaikum my dear. How are you today?

Baby : Waalaikumussalam my dear mom. I'm feeling good today mom. But there are something growing out from my body!!! (his arms & legs) what are these mom? I don't like it. It keeps getting in my way. I can't move as freely as I used to be before!

Mom : Owh that are your hands and your legs my darling. Alhamdulillah, you are growing as you should.

Baby : Can you make it go away mom? I don't need these hands and legs. They are of no use to me now.

Mom : You must not say that! Be grateful dear. You will need them when you are born. You will need it to walk on this earth. To be Allah's servant. You will be in such a great loss if you don't have them in the future.

Simple and direct, yet it means a thousands. Thats our purpose and for me, its just about to start.

This is merely a confession and a motivation for myself. How I deal things in the inside to the outside. Hidayah from Him is not easy to be obtained because He decides the right time for the right person. Once theres Hidayah, then theres Iman. Something you have to keep safely and make it the most precious thing you have. Please dont judge for what I wrote, its all in my head, needed to be expressed as words. Apologies if I have said something uneven. Not intentionally aimed at anyone or to hurt anyone's feelings because I have feelings too.

I have been thinking a lot lately and the results are coming out maybe by the end of this month. The well is supposed to be metaphorical and symbolizes my fear, how I want to run away from it. But thats never going to happen, I hope. So now, Im not thinking straight. Tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang. Even when Im teaching the kids at school, the possible dates were lingering in my head, wishing it to go away. Baba cakap semalam ' Tatak, you've done the farthest and you worked hard for it. Now its the time for you to tawakkal. Whatever Allah gives to you, be thankful and redha is the most important thing.'

Yes, indeed. Im just hoping for the best people! Not to forget, to other 93's out there. So chin up AM :)


Dahlan said...

Wow. I can't believe you actually watched "The Ring". To me, I massively pantang watching Ghost movies. I prefer watching something serious like Philadephia, Gandhi, or maybe just a plain comedy movie. I don't why I hate watching those movies, but the only reason is that I was always told to stay away from Ghost movies by my parents.

On the other hand, your figurative idea is pretty good, and could be used as survival method when needed.

Besides that, your statement on Hidayah is so true. But to me, Hidayah brought me to a level where I've never seen in my entire life. Hidayah has made me learn about Allah and living life in a much proper manner thus achiving our dreams as mankind. (if you get what I mean)

Lastly, your dad is absolutely right. But not every dad is a patient dad, to accept good or bad in life. On the other hand, society would limit your movement in life, when things turn out bad. After all, last year was a pretty rough year right? (if you get what I mean)

Aisyah Munirah said...

Hmmmmm. yeah I guess so.

adilahomar said...

Aisyah , we pray together n Allah always help people who help themselves :)

believe in Allah. he create everything n he plan everything.

oke, tatak ?;)

Aisyah Munirah said...


InsyaAllah :')

*malulah guna tatak tuh -.- haha