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Saturday, February 12, 2011

See the leg

Salam and Guten Tag.

Since I have this new lappy, I have the urge to blog almost everything that happened within the day. So lets blog. Its Saturday, thinking that I might be able to conquer the whole bed while Nurul goes to school. Lets not dream . Another day of trembling legs and hands, I was to help or compulsorily be involved in the kenduri of my boss's son.

Ust Liza : Aisyah, esok awak kena datang tau tolong, cikgu-cikgu wajib datang.
AM : Ohh okay, InsyaAllah. Pukul berapa datang?
Ust Liza : Kalau boleh, seawal lapan pagi.

When I say trembling legs and hands, it really did. I came there early around 845 and my eyes looked for familiar faces to be recognised. Nada. All I can see is Desamas people mostly were frying chickens and slicing out cucumbers. Im scared to be friendly or huha huha with the makciks/opahs that were in control of the kitchen. Mainly because they were speaking in their own origin language and I dont understand. Some of them are quite garang too. Isnt it weird when I got kamcing straightaway with this kakak that I dont even know and we started getting basins from people's house or those food containers from this atok's house. I seriously dont have a clue who these people are. Yet, I was trying to be a help to everyone. One incident that got me got me embarassed. I was trying to get a spoonful of rice onto the plate, and I knocked the spatula (or whatever the right term is) on the rice container. Suddenly,

Opahtakkenal : Jangan ketuk senduk tu sayang. Menangis nasi tu nanti.

AM : Ohh. Okay. Soryy.


Frankly, thats sort of a habit, at home. Obviously I wouldnt want to waste even one tiny rice, so its better to do that. Lets see, I was at the tadika for 7 hours straight. It would be a lie if I say that Im not fatigue. I was and still am. When I have nothing else to, I made myself busy. Carilah penyapu ke apa. Deeply in my heart, I was cursing. Sorry me. At the end of the day, I took 7 or 8 Dadihs that were in excess. I wanted to bring the whole box. And, I got this :

Isnt this the cutestttttt? And its in blue hehe
I also met a few of my students. They were like, 'Cikgu, cikgu nampak lain' or 'Ustazah, kenapa cikgu tak pakai speck?' Haha kids.

Cikguuuu tangkap gambar sayaaaa.

Kat pelamin pulak Ustazahhh.

Cikgu pun nak bergambar jugak kan? :D

Lastly, while we were cleaning up after the kenduri ended, the amplifier was playing songs then it was this song that I loved since I was in primary school , Demi Cinta Suci by UNIC. Awh havent heard that song for ages. This kenduri is quite unique I'd say. I mean theres no pelamin and no table set aside for the bride and groom. The bride was beautifully dressed up as a real muslimah and I was amazed truly. Indeed, I was surrounded with fully-hijabbed women, and I mean fully like this :

I feel so modest and I pondered, will I ever be like one of them? What does it feel like to be in their shoes? They must have this strong feeling that they are always protected from all sorts of evil. I'm not qualified to be like them yet. InsyaAllah, its Allah's power to do so and that also requires me to improve myself better.

Taa people.


Dahlan said...

Well correct me if I am wrong. To me, covering up fully isn't quite right. I believe, that showing the natural face beauty is much better. After all, covering your "aurat" is the most important mission.

Anyway, it isn't hard to stay away from evil. Its all about actions, and thoughts that makes it hard.

Btw, the senduk was quite a joke i think. You should push the balance rice on the senduk using a table spoon. That's the trick. You can't do the mamak shop style.

Aisyah Munirah said...

Well Dylan, that perspective of yours is quite common and Im not surprised when you stated that. In what terms u think isnt quite right? Please elaborate on that. Is it because its really irritating to see black figures walking around but its hard to recognise them?

If you actually talk to these women, natural beauty or whatsoever isnt the question. They do not want to expose their beauty to the public, only for those who deserves and of course, other women. They are highly respected by the muslim society because of their decision, and sacred intention. Nothing else. Yet, they are being hated and threatened. Thats why I am truly amazed by them.

Simple for you to say that its not hard to stay away from evil. Havent you heard, that in France, hijabbed or niqabbed women are always being threatened by the citizens, only because they have a cloth lining up their face. Imagine schoolgirls, when their hijabs are being pulled by those haters. Its truly shameful. We are the Eve's, meaning we are exposed to danger and harm everyday. People take advantage on us, oppress us, torture us. And you call that easy? Nope, its never easy. Even my father once said, its hard enough to raise one daughter, how about having three daughters? Its a big responsibility you know.

I hope you understand, that this is a sensitive issue. I look up to these people, not just because they are fully covered, Its their love for God and how they sacrifice everything they have to God. They only hope to reunite with God in a mannerful way and of course rewards are waiting for them soon. Even I, myself are not prepared and strong like them.

From Him we come, to him we belong.

Dahlan said...
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Dahlan said...

Indeed, Ms. Aimun, it is a sensitive issue. It used to be my class topic. And we used to debate about this. Our reference for the debates was the Islamic Magazines and my lovely teacher.

Don't get me wrong. Don't be jumpy on me. You may not know me as well as friend but I do know what is right and wrong. If you think, I'm a clubbing boy, go ahead. I've seen life in a few perspectives.

But then again, we used to be thought, its ok for the girl to reveal the face. Infact, I used to remember that my teacher said, Mazhab Shafie allows to show your face. Your hair and other parts of the body must be covered.

Its true that the people in France torture the Muslim people there. It is wrong. They will pay the price later. But if their ruling is such, what can we do? Then the shariah body has to be stronger and take certain actions.

In your point, evil is hard to stay away. What I meant was, certain times our mind and actions are main cause of getting evil into us. So, it that sense, you can avoid it. Please don't get me wrong in this part. Since you explained it more clearly, now I understand is hard to stay away from evil

D-SIM said...

told u, rising a daughter is hard enough. Should i stress again about marrying a women ?

Aisyah Munirah said...


Yes, I do not know you as a friend, but lets not get too weird here. I dont have any 'clubbing boy' impression on you, so dont worry and I dont know why you even have a thought on that.

Im not being jumpy or anything, but I dont want any contradictions to occur here. We are humans, we have different opinions on things so yeah I hope you get it.

DSIM : -.-'

Dahlan said...

Erm, I thought you had that impression. But, its ok.

After all, at some point you are quite right. I don't have any issues whatsoever with with women wearing a full hijab. I just I very much prefer a dreamgirl who simple and follows the shariah needs. Infact, I think Hijab Fashion is quite good these days. Take a look at women such as Wardina Safiyyah, she is very pretty, i think.

Anyhow, we need to talk. I'm sorry for commenting wrongly on your post.

Aisyah Munirah said...

Ur dreamgirl? Wow Im not surprised. Anyhow, no worries. Its a small matter, and I dont take it to the heart. Its just u voicing out ur opinion.