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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Salam to all.

Intervention is coming to an end. With 3 subjects remaining and Im already exhausted man. What are the JPWP'S motive on 'desigining' the exam papers so fagging hard? Okay, okay excuse myself for studying last minute and its not helping me at all. So I dont see the point of studying last minute. Which means, I dont have to study at all! No I can't do that. Aha. Currently waiting for mes parents to come, and waiting for the announcement for my name as well.

Oh yeah, after the exams, it PB again! Yeah Im over the moon! But only for 4 days, more than enough. When we get back, its going to be the busiest week of all weeks before July. We'll be welcoming our new juniors! Which means, Im a SENIOR! Aha, I love the fact that I don't have to be soo pretentious no more or receiving those weird glares. Instead, I'll be myself along the juniors and you know, cooperate well with others. Its nice having the dorm full with people, since Im getting those unknown goosebumps and sometimes I was always the first person to arrive at the dorm after prep. And..a lot of things are being stolen nowadays. Including my food container with lots and lots food in there! and my OREOS! Argh Im so pisse. Its the only food source I have whenever I feel hungry during the weekends.

Soo..our KP suspect 3 things :
a) Cleaners or workers
b)Our friends
c)Those things you can't see with naked eye. It begins with T and ends with L.
Get me?Haha.

Okay I seriously have to do some revision.


▲ISY▲H said...

LOL. FUNNY, hantu eh? Good Luck with your exams! :-D

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