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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Eid x Perth 2018 : Part 2

Continuing from the previous entry. We embark on Day 3 to Mandurah.

This is the homestay that we stayed for 2 nights in Waterford. Its a single storey house and pretty decent I tell ya. 

The roadtrip to Mandurah took about 2 hours and we arrived just a few a minutes late to catch up on the 1pm cruise trip to see the dolphins. There was another trip at 3pm so we went to get our lunch at this Indonesian Padang restaurant. I had Mee Bakso as the cold weather made me crave for something that is hot and soupy.

I don't really know why would you separate the noodle and soup. But it tasted nice and I finished it all within 15 minutes haha

Tahan sejuk.

Amazing fact about these bottlenose dolphins : They are not afraid of humans as they co-exist with them. There is a group of researchers and patrol that monitors their whereabouts. They come from the sea which is the Indian Ocean to be exact, but sometimes they do come to the river mouth to forage for food. Apparently everyone here understands the value the dolphins and how it became a tourist attraction. So by all means, they must protect in any way that they can. They do not felt threatened by the humans as well. I mean if this was in Malaysia, I doubt if the dolphins can live long enough to survive.

If you go deeper into the river mouth, you'll be able to see point where it meets the sea. 

Pink. Talk about feminine taste eh.

Boats parked at the back, and cars at the front. Remember when I said that their backyard is the river mouth? This is it. The dolphin cruise isn't just about dolphins, its also about exhibiting the lifestyle of the Mandurah people here. The fact the sea is pretty clean and dolphins are able to roam around freely, says a lot about their lifestyle and mentality. And by that I mean..the rich people of course. I was told the houses here cost a fortune. 

Mana lagi nak cari rumah jenis bosan-bosan je pergi cari dolphin. Kau hadoo.

After the dolphin cruise tour, my dad managed to find an Islamic center in Mandurah. Not far from the city centre so we stopped by to pray Zuhr and Asr. We also met the imam, who is a Malaysian. He was the visiting imam for Ramadhan the entire month and was getting ready to leave back to Malaysia. We met his family as well. Orang PJ je rupanya. 

Anyone intending to visit the centre, its called  Peel Islamic Cultural Association. Google it up! Honestly finding spots to pray was not a problem during this trip alhamdulillah. You can definitely see the influences of Islam everywhere, especially in western countries.

How it looks like. Not like a mosque structure, more like a house. But the praying area is segregated men and women. 

After prayers, we are down to the last destination in WA, which is Margaret River. Not the typical town/city that most Malaysians go. Margaret River is definitely the location if you are in need of some majestic sea views. Its a small town, but known for its wine breweries (which we didn't go of course), many antique boutiques and shops too. Our homestay is also not far from the town. We arrived just in time for Isha' and everywhere was starving. Alhamdulillah for this Turkish shop, the only halal eatery existing in Margaret River. So its kebabs now for 2 days straight haha.

Next morning..here's a view of our homestay. Single storey as well.

And then walking around the town for 2 hours for some souvenir shopping.

Stores like this, is definitely my mum's fave. She's all about antique stuff.

And then we decided to go the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, the last destination for our Perth trip.

And I fell in love with the view, instantly. Praying deeply that I'm able to come here again.

What a nice way to beat the cold and windy weather with some scones? Yumm

As you can see below, that's the lighthouse. This specific area is called Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Some background history as well where you can find out from the audio tour. Theres even an option for Malay language.

The audio tour thingy.

That's me and my acah-acah looking face. lel

At one instance I thought this Nizam guy was a malay. Lol turned out he was from Nepal.

And then we head back to our homestay for the last time to check out.

We left the homestay with a really nice view from the sky. Major love.

On our way back, we stopped by at another picturesque location called Prevelly Beach. When I googled some pics, it would look something like this:

Related image


The weather was not on our side obviously, which is why we couldn't get the view above. Crystal clear & blue sea, not this time. *crying inside*

From the deck. That's Abrar by the way lol.

And that concludes my Perth trip for this year. This is probably my last ever trip out of Malaysia. Since I would have to save pennies to fund for my master's degree soon. Pray that it will go well, dear readers.

Taa x

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Eid x Perth 2018 : Part 1

Just like last year, on the first day of Eid we set off to another country just because we don't like staying in Malaysia. Lol obnoxious much? Kidding lah. I don't know if this is a tradition that my dad is trying to apply to us but yeah this year after we spent 1st Syawal at home in Rawang and Cheras, then we rushed back home quickly just to catch our flight to Perth at 7pm. Baba being the paranoid person who loves turning up at airports 2-3 hours earlier, we departed to the airport right after friday prayers. Hence I don't see the point of glam-ing it up on the first day of Raya, because we only wore it for like 4 hours and chucked everything straight to the laundry basket. While queuing at the check in counters, we did see a few Malaysians whom I presume travelling back to their kampung or just going on a vacation like us, in their baju kurungs and baju melayu. While here I am so comfortable with my jeans and Vans eh...

Why Perth, the western part of Australia? My sister suggested it to Baba and he immediately said yes. I wasn't in the planning process. They totally left me out *rolls eyes*. But it wasn't so bad after all. I mean, I love Australia. They are generally nice people and we received a warm welcome and hospitality while we there for 6 days straight. I travelled to Sydney last two years and had the best time of my life there. We didn't get our visas rejected alhamdulillah. The Australian government has been rejecting visa application from Malaysians because of the issues arising from illegal working permits, especially the ones who were lured to work in farms. Its sad to know that those people had made arrangements for their holidays, paid everything and only to get their visas rejected. What a turn off!

Basically we spent a few days around the city. You know, all the city hotspots. And then meeting Kangaroo Laroo, Wombats, Wallabies, Quokka (they can smile for cameras! but we didnt get a pic with the smiling one haha) and many many more. If you wanna shop till you drop, Perth isn't the place for you (excluding souvenirs of course!). I personally loathe/hate/dislike shopping on holidays. Some people travel to shop, while I travel to discover the gems of what that country has to offer. Nature and picturesque places, I'm definitely in!

And then 5 hours drive to Mandurah, to see the dolphins. That drive was probably worth it when I get to see living dolphins swimming happily beside the ferry. They were so friendly and joyful and happy and all smiles, I wish I was a dolphin! Wait till you see the area that they were spotted, in between big and luxurious houses, they do not only have parking lots for cars, but also for their boats. Their backyard is the river mouth of the sea. Pictures will do the talking if you don't believe me!

Day 1

Arrived at the international airport in the wee hours of the morning. Touchdown specifically at 2am ish, retrieved our luggage and stuff, met the car rental and homestay owner and reached there around 4am. In my mind I was desperate to sleep so badly and it was bloody cold too lol. So we kind rested and slept until just before noon, where we decided to stroll around the city.

I knew kebab shops would not be at scarce and we were not worried about finding halal food. They are basically everywhere. We had lunch at this Turkish shop below and what else did we eat if its not kebab? Well it was alright for the first day, then it gets kinda boring, which is why we end up at the same Malaysian eatery twice during this trip. The food definitely feels like back at home. 
But watteheck, #kebabsforlife lol.


Some Kebab love..

Before that we went to the Farmer's Market earlier in the morning. I got my Chai Latte, non-gluten Croissants (kau hadoo) & Choc cake, Baba got organic eggs and some Turkish dish, my sisters bought homemade essential oils and soaps and Abrar got his macaroons, which in the end he melantak and finished all without offering some to us.

This large tree which I was unable to identify in front of our homestay.

This is where we had our dinner, a Malaysian Restaurant called My Rasa. I had Butter Chicken and it tasted just like back home!

Day 2

Whiteman Park - Caversham Wildlife Park - Perth Mosque - Kaili's Fish Market & Fremantle Market

Woke up, feeling ever so refreshed from last night's sleep. Kidding!! IT WAS FREAKING COLD! I had layers over layers on me, and the heater helped to kill the freezing temperature a loottt. In daylight the weather was fairly okay, but when night falls, the temperature drops extremely low. I'm not even exaggerating. It was a first for me to not look forward to sleeping whilst it being the best thing in the world to do haha.

On the second day, we went to Whiteman Park to meet the furry Australia friends! Appoximately 30 mins from Central Perth and I beyond psyched to meet them again after two years haha. Caversham Wildlife Park is located INSIDE Whiteman Park as it also functions as a recreational area too.

The superstar: Koala. 
Apparently tourists are not allowed to cradle them and you can see they have a wildlife ranger assigned to these cuties. Koalas are very dormant creatures. They eat and then hibernate for the day, like a lot. So we kinda have to follow their schedule. I feel like me n Koalas have this bond since I like eating and sleeping..#guiltyascharged.

Tip: Not to crowd them as they are sensitive animals.

Entrance. I look gelap here. But can't be bothered in increasing the brightness.

#masjidhopping for Zuhr and Asr prayer at Perth Mosque. Beautiful right?

Kaili's Fish Market. We had seafood meals like fish n chip, seafood platter. My parents had chilli mussels. Halal too.

Lupa dah the name of this beach, but it had a lovely view.

Fremantle Town, on foot. Finding the Fremantle Market to buy some souvenirs. The town gives out this cowboy/wild west kinda vibe just by looking at the shops and buildings. Great architecture though.  *_*

End of day 1 and 2. Will continue more on the next upcoming entry. Taa guys!