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Monday, October 22, 2018

Farewell (Chapter 1) + Welcome (Chapter 2)


Workspace for next two years, inshaAllah.

A very long and lonely Monday for me today. Months before my last entry in this blog was about my recent trip to Perth. And what do you know, within a few months so many things are not just same as it used to be. From all aspects of life, it was a transition from one point to another. It all happened too fast, that I was busy catching up with my pace that is just so slow. Not to say that I'm unhappy with the choices that I made, I came to realisation that time waits for no man and I definitely do not have time to wait for another opportunity to come by.

Alhamdulillah, what can I say. Allah has been so kind to me, that I don't even think I should whine and complain. Sitting here in Gloria Jeans Cafe, Bangi Gateway and having Chai Latte beside me while slowly typing all this down. 3 weeks before, I settled down in Bangi and rented somewhere near to UKM. Which means, is my first time ever being away from home, renting another place. Finally it feels like I'm adulting for real. Deep down, I've been wanting to do it for quite some time. Just needed to be secured in my own space where I do not have to feel bad or guilty while not being around at home. The funny thing, when I settled down during the first week in Bangi I kinda got homesick. Haha this is just another side of me that I honestly can't comprehend. I lost 2kg and my appetite to eat. I went to sleep early and didn't even bother to unpack my suitcase. I didn't even eat at night so I kinda went to sleep feeling so hungry but just not bothered to eat anything.

So this adulting thing just got real mate. Padan muka haha.

Not to mention, I was also SSI-sick too. On the first day as a UKM student, Waze turned up and was trying to set my journey to 'work', which was at the time SSI. Koyakkkk beb. It was a tough week for me, and I've never felt so lonely in my life. I mean, I was kind used to it when I was in SSI, but this one was just overwhelming. When the first week ended, I was looking forward to go back home so much that I feel ridiculous *insert laughing-crying emoji*. But alhamdulillah, safe to say that I managed to make myself comfortable here in Bangi. I used to hate it so much because of how crowded it was and I would always get lost since theres just so many roundabouts and roads. Well what do you know, benci-benci kat sini jugak kena campak haha. 

Entering my fourth week here and that feeling of wanting to finish everything quickly is the only thing that keeps me sane and motivated to do my work. I mean, its full-time research and I'm expected to be here until 2020. Which means I will have a loooot of time to do my research. Well I don't really know what to predict. I'm determined to double my efforts and focus more on the research it self. That means I have to stay away from all sorts of distractions. And honestly, being clueless about a lot things (UKM & Bangi in particular) and having no one that I closely know, here its kinda working. I've been eating well, less junk sugary oily food. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. I would jog at least twice a week and been spending ZERO on cinemas (time out for me). McD is like 20 mins from where I live and I don't know whats the latest spot for makan-makan (thank godd). For the past 3 weeks, I've been spending on average of RM50-30 per week on food. Which is such a bizarre thing for me, knowing how I NEVER tolerate when it comes to food haha.

IM PROUD OF MYSELF! Please pray that I become steadfast in this journey for another 2 more years. I'm picturing myself as a healthy and skinny Aisyah Munirah in 2020 inshaAllah!

Helok tak akak? Bahaha.


Now lets talk about the Farewell part.

Never thought I would made up my mind to leave SSI. It was the hardest decision to make but I know opportunities does not come all the time. I just couldn't turn down the offer of pursuing masters degree in a field that I would have some basic knowledge on. Lets just say I'm taking a study break for two years, and inshaAllah I'll be back doing to what I love. I developed a passion in teaching whilst in SSI and I'm quite thankful to know that I finally know what I want to do in life. I realised that I have to work in an environment where children MUST exist and I can't picture myself working at other types of environment. That means corporate is just a no-no!

In September, we started our first term for this new academic year and it decided it going to be my last. I spent one whole month doing handover and making sure that everything is top notch right before I leave. It was an emotional one month for me. Thinking about my colleagues, my HOD and my students. Did I leave an impact in their lives? Will they miss me when I'm gone? Will my students remember me when I'm no longer there? All sorts of questions and thoughts. This is what being a teacher does to you. You will surely develop an emotional attachment with them, even if they don't. Parts and parcel of being an educator eh.

SSI is the first chapter for me and I will forever treasure all the good and bad. There is no other place like it, honestly. Not trying to be biased or anything, but I was not the same person as I was when first work there. I think I have grew as a person, and picked up some useful skills that can be applied just anywhere else. Most importantly, gaining the trust of every student that I taught. It was difficult at first to develop the bond with these privileged kids, but in the end their hearts are just pure and they need us teachers to guide them. InshaAllah, I'll come back stronger as an individual. 

On my last day, the school threw a farewell party for all the leavers, alhamdulillah.

And with my beloved students..

I get to do an assembly with primary, for the last time.

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 3

 Grade 2

 Grade 4

Grade 5

  Grade 9 girlss.

Most of the students I knew them from Kindy to Primary, Primary to Secondary. They all grew too fast!

And I got some presents from them too. Feeling soo loved, alhamdulillah.

So that is all for tonight. I've been wanting to do this ever since I touched down Bangi, and finally being able to adjust to own time is easier. Just have to find a good spot to do some memory brainwashing.

Till then, next post xx.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Eid x Perth 2018 : Part 2

Continuing from the previous entry. We embark on Day 3 to Mandurah.

This is the homestay that we stayed for 2 nights in Waterford. Its a single storey house and pretty decent I tell ya. 

The roadtrip to Mandurah took about 2 hours and we arrived just a few a minutes late to catch up on the 1pm cruise trip to see the dolphins. There was another trip at 3pm so we went to get our lunch at this Indonesian Padang restaurant. I had Mee Bakso as the cold weather made me crave for something that is hot and soupy.

I don't really know why would you separate the noodle and soup. But it tasted nice and I finished it all within 15 minutes haha

Tahan sejuk.

Amazing fact about these bottlenose dolphins : They are not afraid of humans as they co-exist with them. There is a group of researchers and patrol that monitors their whereabouts. They come from the sea which is the Indian Ocean to be exact, but sometimes they do come to the river mouth to forage for food. Apparently everyone here understands the value the dolphins and how it became a tourist attraction. So by all means, they must protect in any way that they can. They do not felt threatened by the humans as well. I mean if this was in Malaysia, I doubt if the dolphins can live long enough to survive.

If you go deeper into the river mouth, you'll be able to see point where it meets the sea. 

Pink. Talk about feminine taste eh.

Boats parked at the back, and cars at the front. Remember when I said that their backyard is the river mouth? This is it. The dolphin cruise isn't just about dolphins, its also about exhibiting the lifestyle of the Mandurah people here. The fact the sea is pretty clean and dolphins are able to roam around freely, says a lot about their lifestyle and mentality. And by that I mean..the rich people of course. I was told the houses here cost a fortune. 

Mana lagi nak cari rumah jenis bosan-bosan je pergi cari dolphin. Kau hadoo.

After the dolphin cruise tour, my dad managed to find an Islamic center in Mandurah. Not far from the city centre so we stopped by to pray Zuhr and Asr. We also met the imam, who is a Malaysian. He was the visiting imam for Ramadhan the entire month and was getting ready to leave back to Malaysia. We met his family as well. Orang PJ je rupanya. 

Anyone intending to visit the centre, its called  Peel Islamic Cultural Association. Google it up! Honestly finding spots to pray was not a problem during this trip alhamdulillah. You can definitely see the influences of Islam everywhere, especially in western countries.

How it looks like. Not like a mosque structure, more like a house. But the praying area is segregated men and women. 

After prayers, we are down to the last destination in WA, which is Margaret River. Not the typical town/city that most Malaysians go. Margaret River is definitely the location if you are in need of some majestic sea views. Its a small town, but known for its wine breweries (which we didn't go of course), many antique boutiques and shops too. Our homestay is also not far from the town. We arrived just in time for Isha' and everywhere was starving. Alhamdulillah for this Turkish shop, the only halal eatery existing in Margaret River. So its kebabs now for 2 days straight haha.

Next morning..here's a view of our homestay. Single storey as well.

And then walking around the town for 2 hours for some souvenir shopping.

Stores like this, is definitely my mum's fave. She's all about antique stuff.

And then we decided to go the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, the last destination for our Perth trip.

And I fell in love with the view, instantly. Praying deeply that I'm able to come here again.

What a nice way to beat the cold and windy weather with some scones? Yumm

As you can see below, that's the lighthouse. This specific area is called Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Some background history as well where you can find out from the audio tour. Theres even an option for Malay language.

The audio tour thingy.

That's me and my acah-acah looking face. lel

At one instance I thought this Nizam guy was a malay. Lol turned out he was from Nepal.

And then we head back to our homestay for the last time to check out.

We left the homestay with a really nice view from the sky. Major love.

On our way back, we stopped by at another picturesque location called Prevelly Beach. When I googled some pics, it would look something like this:

Related image


The weather was not on our side obviously, which is why we couldn't get the view above. Crystal clear & blue sea, not this time. *crying inside*

From the deck. That's Abrar by the way lol.

And that concludes my Perth trip for this year. This is probably my last ever trip out of Malaysia. Since I would have to save pennies to fund for my master's degree soon. Pray that it will go well, dear readers.

Taa x